Wednesday, November 01, 2006

She works hard for the money

Many road side florists were working overtime to meet the demand on all saints' day. It's not easy especially in this cold. Seeing that it is seasonal opportunity, I am sure these women are happy with their choice as it means additional income for themselves and the continue from the song, She works hard for the money , so you better treat her right!

Have I lost it? I kind of think this photo is quite nice, erm..a water colour ? I was playing with aperture settings that didnt turn out QUITE right.

ps. new translation to work on. read your posts later :)


Lachezar said...

I like it too :)
Keep on playing

All the best

Olivier said...

photo surprenante, j'aime bien l'idee. ca ressemble a une peinture.

surprising photograph, I like the idea. that resembles has a painting.

Nick said...

No, you havent lost it, it's a great piece of work (in a fuzzy kind of way).

Jazzy said...

great work Kris, i like it.

Irredento Urbanita said...

I will only say two words:


thanx for sharing it with us.

maiylah said...

same are in demand right now..prices has skyrocketed!
yes, better treat her right! not just now, but always! :)
nice playing there, Kris!

Ruth said...

I like it too. In fact, your blog is great. Love your photo sensitivities. The one in the rain is great too.

Jenny said...

Sometimes experiments and mistakes can lead us to new discoveries. My daughter's art teacher calls them "happy accidents."

Kris said...

the past few days was about Happy accidents, i share them soon :)

glad that you enjoy the photos.

I hardly buy flowers from anywhere , but I treat them well from my heart!!! price skyrocketed in Philippines,too huh? this is still cheaper option ;)

Thank you all for visiting :)

Rajesh Dangi said...

Too Good!

Carraol said...

I like it very much, the painting style. Good eye.

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