Friday, November 03, 2006

Public art I

When a public art is given a title, makes it easier to interpret. You'd go "oh, yes..i see why; hence the name....." . I shall not attempt to interpret this statue. Let's go to the facts :-
She has no-name, a new comer to the statues' scene as she was inaugurated on 12 July 2002. The official name is Fountain of Nádai square (the fountain was dry). She was a creation of Mr. István Máte, not a szentesi* but a csongrádi* . See her in another angle here.
*szentesi = born in szentes

I get a sense of excitement whenever I see photographs of statues. Not to mistaken that i'm a arty person, in fact i'm far from it :p . Its just simply that I see more details in photographs than in real life and different expression is possible with just a twist of angle and light. Don't you think so?


Anonymous said...

I think, you are very arty person, Kris! Otherwise you could not see
so well, how to make good pictures,
and your pictures are very good quality!
I have noticed a same thing about this seeing a surrounding and a photography makes me observe everything much sharper.
We have a beautiful, sunny day now. The temperature is - 8 degrees
Celsius, nice to walk and enjoy
sun`s glimmering on the snow.
Have a glimmering weekend you too, but without snow:)

Kris said...

Thanks, Mimmu!
ever since taken up photography as a hobby, all i do whilst strolling is scanning the surroundings.Can be distracting and annoying to the partner ..heheh.

Glad to hear you are enjoying a sunny day (after the snow you showed up :o) It is a better condition to walk compared to autumn's windy condition. Austria recorded 14" snow yesterday, i believe our turn is soon :s

jazzy said...

maybe you see more details in such things than in real life coz you're more focused.
the statue is great and the background is perfect.

mad said...

Lovely photo, Kris! Since you like statues, you might like this:

Olivier said...

je prefere la statue sur cette photo que la version sur ton blog "My Photographic Journey". elle se marie bien avec l'arbre derriere.

I prefer the statue on this photograph that the version on your blog “My Photographic Journey”. it is based well with the tree behind.

BrianG said...

Oddly enough, from this angle, and from the waist up, this statue's facial expression and pose reminds me of a statue of an emperor or a general from the times of Imperial Rome. We are talking vague recollection here! He may have been on horse back. He may have been Constantine???

Perhaps, the name of this statue should be The Empress or the female form of the name Constantine.

This is about as "arty" as I can get with the free association / symbolic thing. LOL. I love this pic and your latest pictures!

photowannabe said...

The color balance of the statue in the forground and the leaves behind make a lovely photo. I like all the textures.

Kate said...

It's a wonderful statue and both of your photos delight me!

Zsolt72 said...

Kris..I am budapesti...are you kualalumpuri?:)
The statue is wonderful..the other angle is even more impressive:)

Kris said...

hehehe...kualalumpuri sounds cute. I'm a Petaling Jaya-i, a satelite town (or city now, Ed?) not far from KL

ooh, new profile pic. What's her name...erm...just cant think of it now.

constantine??? hahahahah..yeah, thats odd!! Lol!

i didnt like the leaves that actually, too much distraction :)

thanks so much! how come i'm not surprise you know about this page? ;D

Thank you all for stopping by!

Ruth said...

The photo and the statue are fantastic. I really like your idea that photos of statues are interesting in a different way than the statue itself. Thanks for the comment on mine today. :)

Carlos said...

Fantastic combination of colors Kris

Nathalie said...

I agree with Carlos, the combination of colours and movement is what really works well here. I love the soft yellows and greens in both the statue and the leaves. This is why I like this photo better than your other angle.

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