Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Kyokushin 極真 revisited

I was procrastinating to search for the meaning of those 3 chinese characters (汉语) in the background. Finally, I got on to it yesterday...

Kyokushin 極真 is Japanese for "the society for the ultimate truth." In case you're unfamiliar, Kyokushin is a self-defense art. The stones are found at the shinto gate that I posted before. I think we're very good at the sport as in my search I found out that Szentes is the main branch for Hungary in the Int'l karate organisation.

Very dry topic, I know, but it has to be done ..haha. Hopefully tomorrow i'll have something more fun!


Jazzy said...

hey when i was a kid i was doing karate and got a yellow belt, than other interests prevailed so i stopped.

~tanty~ said...

Hi Kris!
I'm back in Stavanger safe and happy! Miss a lot of things but I will catch them up.
I would like to thank you for keeping visiting my blog while I'm away. I do appreciate it! Thanks :)

Karine said...

Kris - Your pictures are amazing too and I really like the effects you give to them. To answer you on the comments your left on BA blog, I always use Photoshop. Are you using the same tool to come up with such nice compositions?

jing said...

great view of this Chinese character!
And the Karate is also very popular in China too. But it seems that Yoga is much more popular now.
and for me, i prefer the yoga too.

maiylah said...

karate is a big thing here ... together with others of the same genre. i'm not familiar with their symbols, though. :D

Kate said...

Thanks for the link because the earlier post of the Shinto Gate is very different from what I think of as its shape and appearance.

ruth said...

Kris, how in the world did you research the characters??

Zsolt72 said...

at times I am also worried that my topic is too boring or something like that. But since I love calligraphy I loved your post today:)

Kris said...

are you learning calligraphy?
u know what? I hated calligraphy lessons when i was younger :D

erm..i know the individual meaning to the character in chinese, but the stones are tribute to Japanese i worked aroud that ;)

funny thing is i saw the symbol on tv last night, which motivated me to posting it today.

Yoga for me ,too!

for this photo, no effect, i was experimenting with aperture on my cam. and the blur was the result.
no photoshop for me but photofilre, much easier!

wow, yellow belt, did u keep it?

you're welcome!

Thank you all for stopping by!

zannnie said...

Not too dry, quite nicely shot actually:)

phlegmfatale said...

Wow - the texture in this photo is lovely - there's so much to look at!

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