Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Some like it hot

I saw this scene yesterday. Does the owner of this flat like paprika so much? or it is a way to gain additional income? Whatever it is, the sure thing is, these wonderfully garland paprika (paprikafüzér) will ended up as the "ultimate spice" for many kitchens in Szentes.

Here's a recipe that you might be interested in trying with some authentic Hungarian paprika.

Its important not to cook paprika over rapid fire or it will turn bitter and destroy the taste.


Terra Vecchia said...

dans le sud oeust tu as dans la ville d'espelette le meme principe, on cuisine ce piment(d'appelation d'origine controlé) pour le poulet basquaise lorsque tu veux remplacer le poivre que tu mets sur tes preparations, en sorbet je l'ai deja fait dans mon restaurant, voir dans divers plats du sud oeust le coté de la cuisine gasconne ressort...

Kris said...

so you're a restaurateur? how exciting! sorry i dont quite understand the rest of your comment. anyone can help?

Kala said...

Its interesting how culture dictates how we interpret images because I initial thought these were leis draped down , then I thought they were colored cranes like those origami variety that is used for good luck at weddings, then I read the post and realized it was none of the above but Paprika! Its got a delightful color and a great cooking tip - bitter is badddd =)

Lachezar said...

A beautiful image of a very old tradition.

Reminds me of my own country. In autumn they would be all over windows and balconies in big cities, small towns and villages. People would pride themselves of who's paprika (in Bulgarian "liuti chushleta) is the hottest. Mostly they would use them at home but some will sell...

dutchie said...

When we were at Lake Balaton this summer i took several pictures of paprika too!
It also struck me that they gave us paprika ketchup with whatever we were eating.
Over here ketchup is made of tomatoes and no real restaurant would give you ketchup with their food :)

edwin s said...

Either the additional income or maybe a big fan of the book Mistress of Spices. It's such an interesting shot. i wonder what they're doing?

Jazzy said...

that's a heaven for me =) hot hot paprika.
i have read somewhere the same dish made with 'hot' spices tastes more delicious rather than when cooked without =) and i would agree with that.

Zsolt72 said...

my parents love to put this paprika to their soup. Even if my mom acts like a dragoon making fire after eating it:)

Louz said...

Interesting. We string chili peppers like that here. It don't think I've ever seen an actual "paprika", just the powered kind. The kind I'm currently using says its Hungarian. I use a lot of it, love paprika!

Felicia said...

Great photo! I've never seen these little peppers hanging to be dried this way before. Occasionally see bigger peppers but only for decoration. Yummy recipe too!

Mountainboy said...

My first attempt at growing paprika this year... I got 2 fruit! ;)

Meg Nakagawa said...

Fantastic photo!!! This is... fantastic... did I say that already?

Kris said...

i hear ya , THANK YOU!

that's good news, have you tasted it yet?

we do have the decorated ones as well in tourists areas. It would be hard to resist not to cook them ;)

they are like any other red peppers. In fact, the hungarian species are milder in taste.

hahahah, your mom simply cant give it up. The more spicy the more appetising for me!

i agree 100% . I'm hot spice junkie.

apparently autumn is the season to dry them.

sure? the ketchup i have in the fridge is made of tomatoes. I would love the paprika ones.

your home is Bulgaria,then. Can you get such paprika in NZ?

the origabmi thing you mentioned sounds interesting!

Thank you all for your interesting comments :)

John - Melbourne said...

What an amazing site, thanks so much.. it's like an all natural blind for the balcony!

alice said...

If you type "espelette" on google (or another one, of course) you can see some photos from a little French village which may be will be of interest to you.

Nathalie said...

I'll come and add my WOW comment to all others, I love both the photo and the tradition of drying your fresh fruit/vegie to keep for winter. Brilliant !

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