Thursday, November 16, 2006

wellness well

Thermal well disguised as an oriental pagoda, cool, huh?! These days, there's no denying oriental theme is fashionable, but this park was opened in the 30's, the designer of this garden was way ahead!
Too bad I couldn't find much info. , aside from it is located inside the hospital (i zoomed from the fence) . The well is the first of its kind in the town. I'll write more on the goodness of thermal water when I visit a themal pool. Stay tune!


Zsolt72 said...

what a great find! Maybe next time you will have the courage to get closer:) Hungary is very rich in thermal waters...a lot of spas everywhere.

Anonymous said...

You can never guess,where this picture is coming from!
Very decorative photo, Kris.
No snow there !

Lachezar said...

It blends beautifully with the autumn colours, and as usual you managed to find just the right angle :)


Jazzy said...

what a great find, one would mistake SDP for any 'oriental' one hehe, how deceiving =)

Kris said...

i dreamt of playing chess in the bath, just like how they showed in in the tour brochures ;)

more oriental photos coming up!

Thank you all for visiting!

Olivier said...

cette pagode est magnifique au milieu des couleurs de l'automne.
Elle se trouve dans un hospital, cela doit etre sympa pour faire sa promenade.

this pagoda is splendid in the middle of the colors of the autumn. It is in a hospital, that must be sympathetic to go for its walk.

edwin s said...

yes lah! we orientals is always da popular, innit?

sorry about the lack of dim sum photos. the shops were closed!

Ryan of OC Photos said...

Asian style decorating is popular here too. Nice photos lately. I like the flowers from yesterday.

Sally said...

Ooooh, can't wait til thermal bath photo/s!!

Simmy said...

this photo is really love, you've captured the beauty of the town

Keropok Man said...

Great find Kris! Iss that someone in the photo taking photos as well? Can't really see it..

Meg Nakagawa said...

The bridge and the autumnal colors suit well, too. I hope you didn't get into trouble shooting from over the fence.

backpack_everyday said...

Thermal well sounds interesting....just find out more and give the details..

kris said...

fortunately there were no security around ;)

i'm guessing they're patients or visitors of the hospital

quote from Kumars at no.42 "asians are fashionable now!"

no problem about the dim sum, its just i'm almost sure you'll feature it;)

the pagoda may give the impression to the patients that they're not in a hospital

thanks all for visiting!

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