Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Believe it or not...

Believe it or not, this is the only item of the similar kind that bears the town's name which I came across. The second one I found it in another city.

Believe it or not, I past this object dozens of times yet I forget the exact location. (never finds it when I wanted to)

Believe it or not, I have been planning this post ever since Sep 11 (inspired by Trier DP). The set back was I never get the desired day light to photograph it.

without further adieu....

THE manhole !!!
Inspired by : Trier DP's post here ; "Believe it or not" theme inspired by Kate


Zsolt72 said...

it seems the theme was hiding from you untill now. It has to have a reason why you found it only now.

Jazzy said...

great post to be inspired by Kris.

great angle, it's difficult to take photos of things like that - did you crawl ;)

dutchie said...

A manhole! Never knew it was called that!
Great post Kris, also the one about the rain yesterday. Luckily we saw some sun in between showers.

tr3nta said...

hey kris long time no see...
nice photo!... and the other one the one wiyh the rain, the water, the soil, makes me remember an photo serie i did some time ago...
keep on the good photos...

Nick said...

I wonder why they feel the need to put the town's name on the manhole covers - do they think that someone's going to steal them, perhaps?

Kris said...

lol, cant crawl, its wet! just bent down abit :)

not this one. but i would steal the one from Trier!!

thank you all for visiting :)

Olivier said...

belle photo, j'aime beaucoup l'angle.
(j'ais eu du mal a trouver charlie).
a evry, ils ne mettent pas le nom sur les bouches d'egouts, d'hommage, ca aurait pu faire theme sur DP.
on trouve le meme theme sur le DP de Greenville.

beautiful photograph, I like much the angle. (I board have evil has to find charlie). has evry, they do not put the name on the gullies, of homage, Ca could have made topic on DP. one finds the same topic on the DP of Greenville.

Bill said...

For the longest time, every manhole cover I came across was made at the Neenah Foundry in Neenah Wisconsin. This was always significant to me as my father grew up in Neenah. Recently I have started seeing new manhole covers are being manufactured in India! I find it hard to believe that it is cheaper to manufacture them in India, and ship the very heavy things all the way to the US. Go figure.

Jing said...

great art work for this manhoel!!

Nathalie said...

Absolutely brilliant... and what a suspense !

Marie McC said...

Hey Kris, you want Halloween? Alexandria DP is Halloween Central!

This is a very interesting manhole cover, by the way!

Kate said...

Now Kris, you may have started something; I'm curious to see if I can find a manhole cover with the name of our city on it. I assume that I'll have to go into an older section of the city since there has been so much construction and "improvements" over the years. I'll need to keep my eyes open!! And that's not a bad thing!!

Ëarithranduil said...

This time I exaggerated in the comment in my post... But I love history!
It is for me a surprise know what you have write...

I like your picture!
It's... Terrestrial! ;)

photowannabe said...

Clever photo. I guess I will have to be more observant of the covers in the street.

midnitebara said...

great photo! only good photographers can make something these nice out of something ordinary.

have a nice day!

Lisi said...

pretty cool shot!

James said...

This has awesome perspective and a great intro. It is odd but that’s typically what I find too, that the only permanent marker of a town (apart from some cheesy road signs) are found in the city’s sewer infrastructure. Often times, such as Sorø, they are the only location where one can find the town’s coat of arms. I suppose it goes back to when towns were proud to have and showcase a sewer system and basic civic infrastructure. The modern ones that I’ve observed are more standardized and if they have anything legible on them, it typically reads: “Made in China.” Feels like something is being lost.
I really enjoy your posts!

I typed this a while ago but couldn't post it after accidentally blocking "cookies" from this site.

Meg Nakagawa said...

Good one, Kris. How fun.

Kris said...

your theory on basic infrastructure made sense. A way to display their appreciation for locally made products. Well, time has change..appreciation is shown in other forms.

i was glad you did that post. as I was searching high and low but many reports are in Hungarian. After reading your writing, I now know the background of St. Elisabeth. Thanks :)

good luck! did you see Greenville's manhole? see link provided by Olivier. Now that's a good one!

Have been busy with some work yesterday, will make a trip to your blog for belated halloween celebration!

Your challenge, lets try finding manholes made in Neenah Foundry?
as for made in India, the labour cost is much cheaper plus bulk orders etc, I think it will come to a lower costing end product. Hard to believe, but that is the future...

I missed that post on Greenville, thanks for searching :)

Thank you all for your interesting comments!

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