Sunday, November 26, 2006

A toast!

*yesterday's panning shot that was not quite*

A toast!

You have given us the experience of excitement, laughter, joy, sing-alongs, cheer-alongs, the wave, tears (of victory/defeat), nationally known atheletes, singers, dancers, a place of training for football, basketball, karate, etc to face more sporting challenges, and not forgetting a place for me to practice indoor photography

Happy tenth, to our sports stadium !! egészségedre (cheers!)

Szentes is also a Hungary's National sports town since 1996.


Lachezar said...

Good sports shot!

egészségedre (cheers!)

Irredento Urbanita said...

I never could play basketball, but it's a beautiful sport.. Moved shot, great!!!

Jazzy said...

love the colours.

Jing said...

oo...artistic sports photo.
(shying...i am so lazy that stayed at home the whole day, not exercise for a long time.)


kris said...

sunday is for relaxing! on the other hand, i just came back from 2km walk..phew! its satisfying.

with the beaches in barcelona , volley ball is the way to go..feel like playing now

lachezar /Jazzy,

Thank you all for stopping by!

Kate said...

Action shots are difficult, but you did a great job on this one! Do you go to many of the events.

Mimmu said...

Everything really seems to be moving in your shot :)

And good for you this 2km walking.
It makes good both a body and a mind.

Have a fine week!
(If you want to know something our Santa, please, visit links in my post:)

Lisi said...

I have always wanted to do panning you have to use tripod or you just do handheld??? this one is pretty cool!

ruth said...

This is a nice one, Kris. I'm not only lazy about sports (I stick to the treadmill), I'm lazy about sports photos. Not something I've practiced yet.

Faye Pekas said...

Great action shot here. Well done.

tr3nta said...

hey kris!!!.
Liked a lot of this 'in motion' photo, it really gives the notion of speed...
very nice... see u.

photowannabe said...

Nice motion and action. The lighting is good too.

Kris said...

I did it with handheld. Still need to master a perfect 3-steps!

at first we didnt plan to go. We went because my belly dance teacher was performing.

any sports is good wherever you may choose to do it ;)

i'm hopping over!

Thank you all for visiting !

Carlos said...

Great shot kris. I like that somehow one player from each team got emphasized. So the effect turned out to be perfect. Nice capture.

Kris said...

the freezing may be better if i've used tripod, i must invest in one :)

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