Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Limited edition

a rare bottle ......of not so fine wine, I'm afraid (only 6 euros). Well, I dont think it'll be too bad as it is from the renowned Tokaj region. Anyway, am no wine expert, I bought it for obvious reason.
The elegant bottle was available since last week. A gifts' shop initiated the project after much requests from customers. Then saw the limited 50 bottles being produced and according to the shop, it is diminishing fast. Hmmm...I got a feeling it wont be limited, not for long.

What is the must-buy gift when in your city/town?


Jazzy said...

great work on that bottle Kris, you did it so well i don't know any more what has been added and what not.
if you're around tuzla, well, as far as the drink is concerned you should get homemade shlivovic - rakija.
(that's a very good question, i like it a lot)

Kris said...

Hi, Jazzy!
what is shlivovic - rakija? do a post, would you? ;)

Jing said...

like the shadow of the bottle.
and really a good question. Some of my friends came to shanghai, and often asked me this question, till now...still no good answer for this quesiton.maybe some五香豆?


Lachezar said...

Very beautiful, I also buy wine when I like the bottle or label, and quite some time the content is disappointing.
I hope not in your case :)


Ben said...

This one????
May be a nice little handmade art/craft.

Olivier said...

elle est vraiment tres belle cette bouteille, et une superbe couleur. Malheureusement Evry n'est pas une ville touristique et n'a aucune specialité, a part un coktail qui se nomme Evry

it is really very beautiful this bottle, and a superb color. Unfortunately Evry is not a tourist city and does not have any speciality, has share a coktail which names Evry

ruth said...

Kris, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Love the bottle and the lighting and the photo. You're so good.

I dunno about what to buy here, unless it's MSU Spartan t-shirts or hats. We do have wineries in Michigan though, from the west and northwest regions of the state. But not from East Lansing! Did you taste it yet?

BrianG said...

What a great "still life". I like it a lot!

Kate said...

Kris, It's a fascinating-looking bottle! Local gift? Well, we do have several wineries, but have never tried them. Now I'm motivated to go out and buy a few of those bottles to support the local economy. But, I think the product that helps define the area is "wild rice" which really isn't rice, but a grain that is part of the grass family. It is native to North America and is an aquatic plant that grows predominately in the Great Lakes region and is harvested by Native Americans, esp. It tastes divine!

backpack_everyday said...

Nice looking bottle and am waiting for the next fair or carnival or any other celebration in ur town.My life is also kind of going dull at the moment

pennyblack said...

at the moment i'm drinking sake... just because i'm getting a cold. really i should be drinking it hot with a raw egg in it, but hopefully just plain sake will do.
(thanks for your visit)

tr3nta said...

almost looks like a studio photo... nice going...
Here (Madrid) a poster of you as a 'torero' anouncing your eminent bullfight... not bad... :)

Carlos said...

Hello Kris. Besides the fact that the bottle refers to Szentes, that it is a limited edition and you were there to buy it and promote the town and the blog all in one, besides that, I like the light and the soft colors, it looks very pro, like an ad.

denton said...

Supply and demand should raise the price regardless of the quality in this case ... The must-buy gift this year is the x-box and flat panel TV ... I love yesterday's photo.

Terra-Vecchia said...

je te propose dans mon post du jour un lieu magique ou j'ai passé mon mercredi, si ca te tente...
en attendant bon jeudi...

zannnie said...

Nice shot!

Glad that the post on paprika helps...;D

Kris said...

yes, it was magical, indeed!

flat panel tv is in my wish list but waiting for huge discount!

i guess i was imitating the pro.Putting few pieces of A4 papers as backdrop with a spot light on top. Thanks!

sake with raw egg, something new I learn again. Do you take it in one gulp?

no more adventure for you?
believe me, i'm looking forward to the next festival myself. wonder when?

I curious of the rice grain. perhaps you can capture the harvesting scene for us.

nope. havent tasted it. my partner is teaching the final class today for this semester, will open it to celebrate, may be

not unfortunate, Olivier ;)
we are no tourist destination as well; that's why we have no common souvenirs from szentes except for post cards before

hahahaha..i'm guessing Meg has one in her closet? :D

use them for cooking! dont waste

educate me. I'm bad with food names :p . what is 五香豆?

Thank you all for stopping by!

Bill said...

Neat shot. I had some fun with a post about wine last week as well :)

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