Thursday, November 02, 2006

Question to Mr.Mayor

Photo (experimental using flash):-
St. Elisabeth Catholic Primary school
"achieved outstanding results in teaching French and mathematics."
see the lovely painting on the wall in day light here

Reading the town's guide book, the word "outstanding" is repeated many times in describing some of the schools' performance locally and abroad. All together we have 9 elementary & 5 secondary schools, catering for locals and nearby communities. They also offer specialised courses i.e. music,vocational,arts & sports,foreign languages, horticultural etc. Very impressive, eh? May be it is time to invest in developing a college(s)? Any plans in the near future Mr. town mayor?


Zsolt72 said...

outstanding post:)

Jazzy said...

nice shot Kris and a post. great idea but do they think the same way?!

Lachezar said...

I wonder whether it is the time right now to get political in Hungary :), but it is a beautiful photo nevertheless.

Kris said...

well, things are not as bad as projected on tv. Life is as usual. Economy of course need reformation. I believe we have the resources and this should be one way to bring in more income for the town.

I'm not sure, i check the site, none stated. But i doubt the town mayor is reading my site..hehe

The town is concerntrating on tourists income, which i think its tougher to penetrate ..will see

Olivier said...

tres belle photo, ton essai est une reussite. tu travailles avec un pied ? cette ecole est tres belle (merci pour la photo en lien).

very beautiful photograph, your test is a success. you work with a foot? this school is very beautiful (thank you for the photograph in bond).

Kate said...

The light on the building makes the photo very attractive!

Zebigleb said...

Very nice new stuff since my last visit, Congratulation - This one is very sucessful - Very sharp and nice management of colors and lights.

Alex said...

Did the town mayor gave you an anwer by any chance?
This photo is lovely. I like the color of the building with his blue window. It's very appealing.

Bunyamin Najmi said...

Well, Kris...
I hope someday your mayor will read your blog :)

Kris said...

hmmm..i dont understand what your question "you work with a foot?" ..anyone can interpret?

nah, he's a busy man! besides, i think he'd rather read the prime minister's blog :D

perhaps when we see him on the streets (we usually do) we'll say hi and direct the question ;)

thank you all for stopping by !

Meg Nakagawa said...

Over here it's always our "excellent education system". In fact, in all aspect, I think the word "excellent" is used too lightly. That's a hard thing to achieve - or at least should but, no?

Kris said...

i do agree.
"excellent" / "outstanding" is rated differently by diff individual. Unless you get into details its hard to justify..
anyway, i'll take their word for it ;)

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