Friday, November 10, 2006


See the benches out there? Its a popular spot on a fine day with neighbours, young and old together "chirping" away. As we walk out, we greet nearly all of them "Jó napot! {Good day}" "Szia! {see-ya}" "csokolom" or waving of hands. That's one of the things I like about living here, no matter how busy or in the rush, you still make a point to greet people you see outside/at the lobby/near the elevator of your home even if you dont know them personally.

Read my ealier post on greetings.


Kala said...

sounds like a wonderful and warm neighborhood - I like how you composed this photo

Lachezar said...

I can feel the autumn mood in the photograph :) and, this is the joy of living in a small place. In the neighborhood I live, on the street people smile and greet each other. But go to Auckland central and the sombre mood sets in...

Zsolt72 said...

this is the advantage of small towns and villages. In Budapest they dont do this.:(

maiylah said...

yeah, in big cities people seldom greet strangers warmly ...
used to live in a close-knit neighborhood ... but i really wasn't that comfy since sometimes some of the well-meaning neighbors were just too nosy for me! lol ... :D
love the shot, Kris!
safe and happy weekend!

Lisi said...

I like the composition of this's like my POV...

edwin s said...

that's my kind of view. I could sit there for hours watching people walk by. saying an occassional hello would be nice too :)

Olivier said...

tres bonne idee de photo, et elle est tres belle. merci pour cette petite leçon de hongrois et tu as bien raison c'est agreable quand les gens se saluent. ici, certaine fois quand en passant tu dis bonjour, on te regarde comme un fou ;o))

very good idea of photograph, and it is very beautiful. thank you for this small lesson for Hungarian and you are right well it is pleasant when people greet themselves. here, certain time when while passing you say hello, one looks you like insane ;o))

mad said...

Nice. I wish there was a spot like that in my 'hood!

Jazzy said...

the same goes in Tuzla, everybody is "friendly" and we usually say to each other how're you, what's up or ciao.

zannnie said...

"Jó napot, Kris!"

Today (11/11) i've posted the 3rd Quiz on my DP. This quiz is special with an 'extended play time'. As you've played in the Circles...Circles (Quiz 2) with '2 minds';) I thought you might wanna know I have a third one coming up;)

Hope to see ya!

Anonymous said...

If you change colour from black to red in your picture, what will come into your mind.
The picture is perfect in this way:)
Good weekend to you Kris!

Kris said...

i dont know , what would it look like?

thanks for letting me. I havent had time to browse around. will do that in a jiffy.

you feel safer around such people.

am sure you have some other nice scene in your hood ;)

hahahhahahaha..these days its easy to get paranoid :D

yeah, sitting there day dreaming is a type of activity i would go for.

you meant the neighbourhood "reporter" ? lol I hate such people with nothing better to do . You have a enjoyable weekend ,too :)

too hectic no time to stop and smile is common for big city, i guess

cant really blame people in big city. with work pressure , its hard to stay cheerful all the time

Thank you all!

Meg Nakagawa said...

Beautiful photo. (Not sure what happened Blogger just now, though.)

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