Thursday, November 23, 2006

Find me!

This little doggie's portrait caught my attention yesterday, it says..

"our medium-sized white male poodle is missing. The family misses him very much. Anyone who knows his where-about shall be rewarded........"

It occurs to me that we hardly see stray dogs on our streets, fact, we have none! Based on that, I think it's fairly easy to spot a poodle.. I'll keep an eye on him. Hopefully he'll reunite soon with his family.

Ps. I learnt that today is Thanksgiving, so be thankful that our family and friends are near us :)



Felicia said...

I hope they find him. My friend lost her dog Max once. Max was wearing a Hawaiian shirt, so my friend put up a notice with his photo and description. A family found Max, got him groomed, and took him on a 2 day family vacation and they never saw the notices. My friend finally connected with the family through the groomer. The groomer recognized the dog from my friend's notice! How does a dog with a Hawaiin shirt get lost?!

kris said...

am glad to hear the happy-ever-after ending.. was he still wearing the haiwaiian shirt? lol!

~tanty~ said...

Ah poor poodle. I hope you will find him and bring him back to his family :)

Jazzy said...

poor dog, hopefully he'll return home soon.

jing said... i saw a day with his orange raincoat,not the
hope the poor poodle will be back soon.

Olivier said...

cela serait un beau cadeau de noël pour les proprietaires de retrouver leur caniche.

that would be a beautiful Christmas present for the owners to find their poodle.

Lachezar said...

Your photo is a joy of graphical expression. Deceivingly simple. And the joy of photography. Noticing things. Making a good story.

Cheers, you have such a knack!

Kate said...

The loss of a family pet is very dramatic so I hope that the dog is found. Good capture!

Kate said...

I should read "very traumatic"!!

GiuCe said...

poor dog, it's terrible when this happens... i have two dogs, I founded on the streets.

Fashionasia said...

OMG!! there was a similar lost dog near my parents place recently too!! and the dog looks the same too!!
they're rewarding RM2k for him..

Bill said...

I will keep my eyes open for him around Delta :) These signs are somewhat common in the US. Thankfully I have not needed to post one my self, but I have come close!

Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for all the kind words you have posted at my site over the past few months!


dawn said...

I always get sad to see these posters. I can only imagine how sad I'd be if I lost my little guy.

tr3nta said...

lets hope u can find him...
Nice pic stady 'poster'... dynamic cars...

Annie said...

I imagine the humans who lost this animal are distraught, in anguish. The dog, on the other hand, has probably been found and lavished with love and attention and food by some other humans. He's quite appealing, isn't he.

ruth said...

That is quite a fancy portrait of the dog. They must treat him very well, and I hope they'll be reunited.

Thanks for mentioning Thanksgiving. Happy one to you! BTW, I forgot to title my post today, and the flowers are covered in frost. I've titled it now. Thanks for stopping by this morning.

Meg Nakagawa said...

I do hope he/she was found...

denton said...

I like Lachezar's comment about the joy of photography ... I also find it interesting that a lost pet sign looks so similar in Hungary as one would in the US ... PS: Happy Thanksgiving.

maiylah said...

i hope he'll be found!
... and that the dog's just staying with another family ... hopefully, it'll be the same situation as Max's (dog of felicia's friend).
wonder how they lost him in the first place.

Keropok Man said...

hope its found soon.

midnitebara said...

I hope they find him soon, must be cold outside, brrrr!!

You wont see stray dogs or cats here too unlike back home!! They are all indoors here.

have a great weekend!

Faye Pekas said...

Happy Thanksgiving Kris. I hope the owners find their pet.

kris said...

wish u the same!

i do see cats here, but hard to tell if they belonged to someone.

someone must have adopted him for time being, fingers crossed!

yes, the portrait does tell that he was treated well.

he is adorable looking! if i hadnt seen the poster, i would have taken him in.

erm, only the owner can tell the difference. Paying to get your love one back is worth it!

hahahah, thanks for keeping an eye and you're welcome ;)

heheheh, its easy when inspired and i always try to insert in something about the town.

hear! hear!

hahahahah..maybe the haiwaiian shirt is under the rain coat :D

Thank you all for stopping by!

Felicia said...

Hi Kris. P.S.: I don't know if Max came home with his Hawaiin shirt but I wouldn't be surprised if the family bought him a new one!

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