Monday, January 21, 2013

Internation Free Hug day

Despite the photo being rubbish, I am (re)posting 'cos today is International Free Hug Day.

I posted on the same event before but with a different photo here

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Theme day: Festival of the Belly Button

When I first make the big move here in 2005, I received my first digital point 'n shoot camera, a gift to document my new life in a new country.

It was also the early years of photo sharing on the internet; so, enthusiastically I joined many photo sharing sites. In the beginning, many of my photos was just point and shoot (duh!), without considering the proportion etc.

Over time, I learned more on photo compositions and editing from others. By 2006, my first digital camera retired when I upgraded to semi-dslr; which am still currently using.

For this theme day, I submit 2 shots of the rail tracks, both taken just within months. The noticeable difference for me was that in the later shot, I got more comfortable with photo editing programmes, and experimented a lot more.

Originally posted on March 2007

Originally posted on Jan 2007

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