Sunday, November 05, 2006

random thought, again

The above shows yesterday's morning, then see the night of first snow here..becareful with what you ask for!

Anyway, this photo was taken on the outskirt of szentes. The incredible thing is that I realised there's a tiny lake with loads of birds inhabiting the place. From what i can see afar, they were flying in pac, in sychronise patent. It was like an episode of National geographic ..okay, exaggerating. Feeling uninspired lately, that image of birds really made my day! Hopefully I'll get to go there to shoot more nature shots for my collection.

By the way, would you live in middle of nowhere if given a chance?


Faye Pekas said...

Maybe a vacation home in the middle of nowhere.

I do like this shot and it does look like its pretty isolated.

Matthieu said...

The place seems to be dry.

Carlos said...

I like the tinted color of the sky and the cloud formations against the intense ocre of the field

Olivier said...

cette photo est superbe, les nuages et les couleurs magnifques.
personnellement, je prefere vivre en ville, donc je ne pourrais pas vivre loin de tout.

this photograph is superb, the clouds and the magnifques colors. personally, I prefer live downtown, therefore I could not live far from all.

Bill said...

Lovely country side.

Would I live in the middle of nowhere……I think I am very close to dead center already, so the answer must be yes :)

Jazzy said...

although you seem uninspired (hopefully you gonna get trough it soon) at the moment, the photos are very inspiring, hehe. that is an NG photo, you're right =)

you'd be probably surprised to hear that i wouldn't be able to live in the middle of nowhere, well i'm a city girl. day or two in wilderness is great but i've got craving for cultural life of the cities, combination of the two would be perfect though.

Lachezar said...

Very beautiful, the way the clouds are lit, ant that unique autumn light that makes the white farmhouse to shine in pure white. Is very calm very collected just before the change...

In the middle of nowhere? I'd love it

edwin s said...

cantik, soooo cantik!

Zsolt72 said...

i wouldnt be able to live on a tanya (farm) like this. The clouds are like on paintings. Wonderful photo...actually I remember a painting from the National Gallery similar like this:)

Ruth said...

The photo does look like a painting. Love the clouds. I live in the country, work in university town, and I love getting out every day. I just have to be able to get to civilization fairly often. :)

Kate said...

The landscape, altho isolated, has a peaceful quality about it. I like solitude in small doses--like on vacations, but a steady diet of it is not my particular style. My preference is to be around people and places.

Ben said...

Very large landscape. I love it.

Kris said...

i'm not surprised at all! through your posts, i sensed that you prefer the buzzling life of city :)

couldnt agree more. On certain days it is a bliss to be away from everything.

"tanya" means farm? i almost chose that as my 'english" name in my teenage years :p

NZ offers vast beautiful landscape. I would to if i'm you (for maybe 100 days or so per year)

no offence, the many horror films i watched left me with bad impression of desserted living imagination will go wild :)

Thank you all for stopping by!

Zsolt72 said...

hehe..tanya means farm least a lonely farm in the middle of nothing. But Tanya is also a Russian name the nick version of Tatyana.

I guess its a wonderful name.

But tell me Kris..why is so common among asian ladies they choose English name? I never heard and English lady choosing Chinese or Malay name:))) would be cute though!

Seesaw said...

Beautiful landscape, superb photo!

~tanty~ said...

Soo beautiful and peaceful! I really like it!
Oh, thanks Kris for faithfully visiting my blog while I'm away. You're so kind :)

Kris said...

good point, why not the other way round. But for Malays, they are given muslims name..

i could think of a few reasons why some chinese (in Malaysia) chose english name :-

1) some parents in my parents' era did not receive formal education. They name their children funny names which translates to "cow", "flower" etc. To avoid "inconvenience" the child eventually chose an english name when they started working.

2) english name is less formal. In my experience, before I had my english name, I was refer to Ms. xx (last name) by colleagues/bosses.

3) born christians are given names found in the bible, even if they are chinese. At least in my home country.

phew! that's a long explaination!

my pleasure! its a habit as I browse all DP on alternative days .

Thank you all again :)

backpack_everyday said...

piture perfect.
I have and I will live in the middle of nowhere.

maiylah said...

beautiful, Kris!
yup, i would probably enjoy the thought of living in the middle of nowhere ... just don't take away the electricity, internet connection and good plumbing! lol.. :D

Curly said...


the lens has worked wonders for you here, the shape and movement to the clouds catches my eye straight away.

Curly's Photoshop

Kris said...

are you refering to a mansion in middle of nowhere!

maiylah said...

yeah, that would be perfect, Kris! lol.. :D

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