Thursday, November 30, 2006

Country road, take me home

I read Jing's post, we come, with interest. She wrote how country folks in China don't often get the chance to travel to the city. Well, now that I AM a small town folk myself, visitation to the city has become something to look forward to (eat McD, too!)

In this photo, I was on my way home from a city south of szentes. Feeling tired from the journey (not for leisure but to do paperworks), I slept most of the way when I opened my eyes, I saw them sheeps again. That changed my mood instantly, home is just 10 mins. away..I'm happy.

Country road.... take me home.... to a place i belong.. .


Jazzy said...

they say 'there's nothing like home', 'home sweet home', and i agree to the certain point!

idyllic shot and closer to home Kris =)

~tanty~ said...

Hi Kris, I like your photo today. Reminds me of my home town in my home country. Thanks for sharing :)

Lachezar said...

The unmistakable feel of winter...

All the best

ruth said...

Kris, yes, we both posted about sheep today. :) And when you see my photo for Saturday's post, I think you'll see a similarity again. When I saw your photo on the portal site, I thought it was mine for Saturday, and I thought, "no, wait, can't be . . ."

Were you in a car or on a train?

Jing said...

I like that song very much.
and i like this autumn-style photo much more.

And sometimes I just wanted to be a farmer, really. That was once one of my firm wish. The big city like shanghai is really noisy. I now have the very strong ears!!

thx for coming visit SHDP~~


Anonymous said...

This photo is reminiscent of our Scotland year and also your words make same feeling.
We lived in small village surrounded by green hills and black face sheep everywhere and a big homesick in everybody`s mind!
Thank you for this post!

Olivier said...

ces moutons me rappellent ma region d'enfance le Lot, il y avait plein de moutons et de chevres (hummm les crottins de Rocamadour)

these sheep point out my area of childhood to me the 'Lot', there was full of sheep and with goats (hummm droppings of Rocamadour)

Jing said...

and more comments about the 五香豆.
五香豆(wu3 xiang1 dou4),in literally wu3=five, xiang1=flavor, dou4=bean; and wu3 xiang1=five types of flavors, and dou4=horsebean here. that is one famouse traditional snack in Shanghai. The beans are not soft, you have to have the strong teeth to eat that 五香豆. But now less and less people will think of it.Maybe too many delicious food you could find here nowadays.


Susan in Atlanta said...

I was surprised at your caption "take me home country road." It just surprises me that so many people from different countries know these old American songs! It is a good song.

And do you REALLY like McDonald's food? Really?

edwin s said...

I envy you for living away from the city. When i went to visit a friend in Sweden who lived in a cottage, I was so in awe of the peaceful surrounding. I'm glad you got home :)

J. said...

Wow, brown-black sheep?!! Very cool. I've been quite busy lately and haven't really had the chance to visit your site more often...(your last photo looks very surreal)...but the photo you commented on my blog wasn't a raincoat. The text was a joke, you were exactly right about the purpose of of the people in those "raincoats," which brings up the question, "Have you seen someone wearing that kind of raincoat?"

tr3nta said...

west virginia...
nice country 'shot'...

photowannabe said...

As Dorothy in the movie The Wizard of Oz says, "There's no place like home, there's no place like home."
The everyday view of sheep in the field is beautiful.

isabella said...

"Home is where the heart is". Looks like your home is in a bucolic place...

Kris said...

i wish i could see them sheeps daily..its only when we travel that way

let's sing!

dont feel obliged to visit..heheh
*blush* it was a joke? :p
Yes, as I mentioned, the workers in my ex-company did that as raincoat..brilliant , aint it ? :D

life is less complicated when you stay in remote area, its good for the soul

its so easy for american to penetrate worldwide market. I knew that song 20 years ago;)

Oh, you're making me guilty for liking McD! Hey, their fries are great! and eat them what 12x per year ;)

in the country, you can hear your own breathing!

thanks for the explanation.
all i can relate to is 五香 = 5 spice. is it cook with 5-spice spice? show me photo one day ;)

Joensuu has idyllic surroundings as well. you're lucky!

i'll have to check your archive. I was in a bus :)

you're welcome!

i know you're a city gal ;)

Thank you all for visiting!

Susan in Atlanta said...

Their fries ARE great I have to admit.

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