Thursday, November 09, 2006


Apparently the weather is still good for canoe kayak -(dat)ing. Seeing this, how can I not ask our canoe kayak king , KALA - Have you ever dated this way?

Disclaimer ;-)
This is just my interpretation, they may be training very hard for the next canoeing kayaking competition.


edwin s said...

dating on 2 kayaks. must be tricky to keep holding hands ;)

Pierre said...

Sliding on a mirror! Beautiful...

Jazzy said...

hehe blue for him and red for her ;)

Kala said...

that actually looks like canoeing =D
Forgive me for making that esoteric correction but either canoe or kayak is fine with me since I do both - as for dating on a kayak, I've taken people on kayak and paddling excursions many a times but one thing I have not done yet but would love to do is kayak or paddle under a full moon to a remote island and stay their over night to watch the sunrise with someone - I wonder if anyone wants to go hmmm =)

Kris said...

thanks for pointing out the mistake. I corrected them all ;)

that sound lovely! In time I'm sure you'll find someone to share this dream with.

good eye!didnt even realise it

just make sure you have the life jacket on and you'll be fine!

thank you all for your visit!

Lachezar said...

You are very good at coming up with a story, but behind it, there's a beautiful photograph as always...

Well done

John - Melbourne said...

Well I did something similar on my honeymoon in New Zealand, so good on them! Great shot too.

Zsolt72 said...

Your interpretation is more exciting then just doing a training:) Kala..if you will have that romantic date under the moonlight hopefully we will see some photos on your site. At least about the moonlight...:)

midnitebara said...

I'm sure I've never been on a kayak date, hihihi!
lovely picture!

Fashionasia said... romantic...
kayaking never ever seem romantic over here...i guess its due to the heat..

Nick said...

Wonderful light in this picture - well caught; I like this a lot.

Olivier said...

Tres bon commentaire "Canoe-dating". ta photo est superbe, le reflet des canoes dans l'eau magnifique.
tu utilises quoi comme appareil photo ?

Very good comment “Canoe-dating”. your photograph is superb, the reflection of the canoes in splendid water. you use what as camera

Kate said...

Great photo: shimmering water, bridge, interesting subjects. Note to Kala: Careful, you may get more offers than you can handle.

Annie said...

A little togetherness, a little independence - that's about perfect for a couple.

Kris said...

i agree totally. Some couples are too gluey ;)

Kala can handle it , am sure !

am using Panasonic FZ7. Overall its good except for the noise. I would sugges Canon S2 or S3.

oh you can go to Taman titiwangsa or something ..hhehe

oh, that sounds perfect!

Just something simple. I admire some DP bloggers ability to write interesting posts.

Thank you all for visiting :)

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