Monday, November 13, 2006

same old, same old...

some old news (2005) to share..

When this asian store opens (6th in the neighbourhood) , the town council received criticism from local traders for approving too many asian stores (mainly clothing). But the local government has no authority in rejecting these businesses as it is the national policy to accept such type of investments.

Since then, 2 new asian stores have popped-up, another 2 have packed-up. All this while the local clothing shops remain unchanged. I guess the pie is big enough for everyone afterall (ok, perhaps marginalised). But if you ask me should we add more? my answer is No! give me something other than clothes, please!


Anonymous said...

I asked from my seven years old grandson, how long time you are happy after getting a new toy? He really was thinking and said to me, only a moment and then I want other one!!!
I hope, he realize one important thing, not again and again new piece of toys or clothes or something else
do make him happy. Happiness must find out quite somewhere else!

Happy day to you Kris!

Kris said...

kids are spoilt with choice, mainly by their parents. These day dont expect to see a smiley face when you think you gave them a special dissapointing!

maiylah said...

looks like an advertisement! :)

Lachezar said...

Beautiful photograph. Does it really look so sad?

edwin s said...

lovely shot. very the 30s type TVB drama like that.

Lisi said...

LOL to Ed's fact with those simplied Chinese characters it's very Mainland...but do u mean you want other Asian stores, or other stores altogether. In fact, it surprise me that there are quite a few Asian clothing stores in your city :-)

Jazzy said...

somehow the shot looks like it's from a movie set =)
have a good week Kris.

Olivier said...

cela me rapelle le quartier de Belleville à Paris. Ancien quartier plustot arabe et petit à petit les magasins asiatiques sont apparus et maintenant on trouve que des magasins asiatiques. mais on trouve plus d'epicerie que de magasin de vetement

that points out to me the district from Belleville in Paris. Old Arab district and gradually the Asian stores appeared and now it is found that Asian stores. but one finds more grocer than of store of clothing

Ëarithranduil said...

In Coimbra happens the same! ;)
We are not so far one of the other in our global village!

Keropok Man said...

its one of the few chinese characters i can read. Ya Zhou Zong Xin - Asia Center. :-)

talk about TVB, i am addicted to them!

Zsolt72 said...

If not clothes what else you would like to see? Chinese restaurant?:) You know I would love to have a Chinese calligraphy store or even a school in Budapest.

And about the local sellers.....isnt it like the main characteristic of market is competition? So lets sell cheaper, or service better but using administrative obstacles has nothing to do with fair business.

Kate said...

Kris, Just curious--what other kinds of shops do you think should be added; or is it just your desire? Stores sort of bore me: been there, done that. I'm content with thrift shops, bookstores, and an airline ticket!

John - Melbourne said...

How about some asian take away food shops instead!??

dutchie said...

How come there are only asian shops opening? We don't have those.
I think.

Kris said...

asian shops change quite speedily then local ones.

YES! just doubt that it can sustain.

what i have in mind is quite similar to yours, used book stores, a proper asian grocer, baking supplies specialist store, Indian restaurant, furnishing many!

you and John hit the bullseye. Food is my passion. You mentioned calligraphy, gosh, i dislike doing that when i was in my primary years. Bp should already have chinese school no? for the expats?

fair trade is when you can afford to. Easier said than done most of the times

you got it! whose the latest TVB star? am so out of touch :(

globalisation..good or bad, it depends.

asian in arab district? sounds weird! if you have the money, i think anything is possible. well, I would prefer grocer anytime!

not only you are surprise; however, you just dont see them walking the street (once in bluemoon u see 1).
perhaps the asian can joint venture with the locals.

exactly, a TVB dvds rental store would be marvellous !

Thanks all for your comments :)

Meg Nakagawa said...

Beautiful photo, though I say, more bookshops, art supply shops, and more florists!

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