Friday, April 13, 2007

Homecoming 2

Headlines - Storks are back! The town's radio and on-line portal reported few days ago. Everyone loves the storks, including me!
The beloved stork family has returned to their summer home. They seems to be settling well at the newly renovated arts and crafts facility, appropriately re-named Gólyás Ház (stork house).

I'm never tired of reporting them as you can see more in my last year's archive :-
My first stork report
Stork silhouette
Stork (nearly) in-flight
Storks un-disturbed by renovation


Kate said...

Kris, What fun to track the life of this stork, and I am so glad that you linked all your other photos. I hope that Abe Lincoln sees this; I think I'll send him over to you. He shouldn't miss this; it's a special treat that you have given us with your photos.

Anonymous said...

I am glad the birds are welcomed back. There are so many places in the world where there are no spots set aside for wildlife. I just did a bit about that at my 720 pixels blog. Not my regular blog but you can find the link there.

I like your photograph a lot because it shows what I believe in and the commentary reveals a country of people who love the stork. Good news is hard to find.

Kris said...

you're fast! Abe is already here! It was a treat observing their antics and be able to photograph them.

during the renovation, there were some worries that the conditions/noise might chase away the birds. It seems its all well and fine again :)

Thank you both for your visits!

James said...

Hmmm, I'm sure storky gets a great view but the high-risk insurance must be killing him, if he can even get it!
reminds me of how the original three little pigs ended:

Kris said...

-_- ...but LOL!
couldnt you have found a more child-friendly image of the tale? :p LOL

Carol E. said...

Wow! I've read stories about the storks who nest on top of buildings, but never seen it before. Thanks for sharing these!

magiceye said...

the stork seems content!

isabella said...

This is such a warm reminder of springtime in Europe, and always waiting for the storks to return...Later on in life, I waited for the the swallows' return to Capistrano Monastery in CA ;-)
Thanks for the archives, too!

Chris & Deb said...

What a classic photo!

Olivier said...

tres belle photo, elle est tres reussie et cette cigogne est craquante. je te souhaite un bon weekend

very beautiful photograph, it very is successful and this stork is cracking. I wish you a good weekend

dijah said...

Wow,you get storks there too!here in Ampang,the storks from the zoo sit on the lamp posts and watch the cars pass by and they don't seem to be bored sitting there everyday.

Fernando said...

What about babies? Storks still bring the babies from Paris? Or the immigrations rules don't permit that.

freelancer said...

it brings a baby boy or girl?

Felicia said...

They are beautiful birds and even without your links, I remembered well most of your photos from before. Great photos and a great subject!

miss tango in her eyes said...

Glad to see you are back again, after your hiatus!

GMG said...

Glad to see that storcks are still coming back... It seems that some birds that used to migrate south in winter are staying in Portugal the whole year... Global Warming!

Sally said...

Crazy things! I loved lookign at them when livign in Turkey.

We get pelicans on lampposts, but no storks!

don said...

wuaw great shot. The Storks are back also in Rotterdam. It is nice to see what a change the spring brings in europe.

Z said...

I believe I made a stork sighting in our area recently, but it was from the car as we were driving by and I didn't get a photo. It was strange to see such a large creature in the field! I'll have to keep an eye out for them as maybe there are more around.

z in Villigen CH

Kris said...

go back to the same area, patiently wait and they'll show. I'll be waiting for your storks shots ;)

oh yes! with the 4 seasons, you never see the same scene repeating

wow, pelican's spectacular. Please show us soon , ya?

these birds over stayed last year. I believe some didnt even leave the town!

with this sunny weather, hopefully i'll continue to post for at least 2 months? ;)

do you? i myself have forgotten hahah

hheheh..i lost count :p

since they speak only French, I couldnt interview them!

it is after all their summer vacation :D

swallows are one of my faves.too , but hardly find them here ..

Thank you all for stopping by!

welcome carole!

Keropok Man said...

oooo.. how interesting!
i have never seen one!

Kalyan said...

A beautifully captured shot!

Kala said...

you must be very observant to even notice something so high!!!

Lessie said...

What a wonderful shot! The bird appears so innocent. And I love the twigs poking out around the ... chimney?

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