Monday, April 09, 2007

What i did on Easter holidays

view larger here

School's off for Easter holidays, leaving me a free wall to play photography. If you must know it is a wall of red bricks, you know those boxy kind of building. Looking at it now with a person (see him?) for scale, the wall is so much bigger than what i see almost daily.

Location : Zsoldos Ferenc Technical Vocational School.


Zsolt said...

happy Easter Kris...and I am glad that you find the cologne water still nice:) The girls around me run a couple of years ago I stopped to go watering on Easter monday

richard said...

Very nice composition Kris. This is the sort of thing I try and look for as well - the single human being as part of an urban assembly. From a technical point of view I might fix the vingetting (or omit it if you did it deliberately). For me i'd like the wall to seem more like a flat plane, whereas the vignette concentrates attention in the centre. (NB from the title I was expecting to see a litter bin full of discarded chocolate egg wrappers)

Kris said...

hahah..the tradition is pretty much alive in my family here. I was sprinkled last week during a relatives gathering. And today from immediate parents and my partner :D

Thank you richard for your in-depth comment. The effect was deliberate. the orig pix was ok. but the bricks look dull , when i applied vignette, the bricks as if brought to life ;)

oh, i'M so bored of chocolate eggs now !!

Thank you both again!

richard said...

Hope I didn't sound like I was lecturing - actually it's one the worst crimes you can commit in photo criticism - "if it had been me id have done it this way... etc." - however sometimes I can't help myself!

Kris said...

no worries, Richard. I truly appreciate any criticism! The diff. ideas and perpective would help me in future compositon :)

dijah said...

wow.That's a really BIG wall!Saw the guy in this shot and I was surprised to see thow big the wall is!

-I think I'm in love with your pictures now!-

pennyblack said...

really nice picture!!

magiceye said...


hey btw have followed you to the cdpg and have a blog of mumbai at

hope to see you in Mumbai!

maiylah said...

wall does seem sooo big!

hehehe ... i see "B" is gamely trying to pose for you now! :)

Ja.mes said...

Love the seems to be a cinder block wall with nonstructural brick cladding for a facade.
The person is def. needed for scale, wouldn't have realized how tall it was otherwise...those long windows press the structure down making it seem more grounded and human scaled....
the man seems to be smiling? did you ask him to stand there?

Rafe Totengco said...

what a great shot, all those greys and beiges and punched with black and white. you should blow it up.

Kris said...

hmmm..maybe i would!

he is my partner. Yes he very reluctantly posed for me. i dont know why he was smiling tho. ?

yeah, after grumbling for 5 mins. LOL!!


Thank you all for your feedbacks!

Jazzy said...

i love it. great poser you have!

Victoria said...

This is such a stark, beautiful photo. I really love the image of that man in the lower corner...definitely puts the building in perspective!

Kris said...

Thank you Jazzy and Victoria!

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