Monday, April 02, 2007

The side walk racer, no more?

I'm completely obsessed with sepia and lomo mood at the moment; so, bear with me :) These boys (some girls) have this little space for their "extreme" sports. Sure its a bit least it is safer than the streets. Good news is, there are plans to build them a proper facility.

The Sidewalk Racer
-- By Lillian Morrison

an asphalt sea
I swerve, I curve, Isway; I speed to
whirring sound an inch above the ground;
I'm the sailor and the sail,
I'm the driver arid the wheel
I'm the one and only
single engine
human auto


Dsole said...

wow, and the result was quite good!! I love it!

Bleeding Orange said...

Nice shot. Sepia is really appropriated for this picture.

Lachezar said...

Yet one more of your beautiful photos! The gold tones really enrich the overall sepia range to quite a melancholic effect!

Kate said...

My camera has sepia capability, too, but I haven't learned it yet, but you inspire me!! The poem is most appropriate for the photo. Good choice!

magiceye said...

love the action...

Zsolt said...

like the guys on the Hero Square in Budapest:)

Jazzy said...

you go girl with sepia and lomo, love the shot and the effects...

Olivier said...

le ton de la photo est superbe. tres belle photo de sport

the ton of the photograph is superb. very beautiful photograph of sport

Thiên said...

That's a great shot! And the sepia is a cool touch.

Meg in Nelson said...

Young people skateboarding in sepia - it almost looks like autumn or late afternoon and they're in a rush to get a few more minutes of fun into the day.

richard said...

I Like the feeling and mood - just a bit more and you'll be black and white!! Catchy poem as well. NB thanks for pointing out that my photos are not updating - I'll check it out

dijah said...

This picture is very nicely edited!Yours truly is not very good at editing pictures.Anyway,keep up the good editing!

ohle said... the tone

Jing said...

the mood of the photos with either sepia or lomo are all wonderful.

and i specially like that Graffiti.

glad i can be back nice day.

shanghai daily photo

photowannabe said...

Nice color and action shot. How nice that they will get a real facility. We had a skateboard park built in our city last year. Its used all the time and is so much safer than the street.

Bill said...

So would the proper facility be a hospital? :)

Kris said...

hahaha..why not if we can afford it :p

at least the parents will feel at ease of their whereabouts :)

glad you could visit again!


some trees are still in winter mode :D

i do think they add a good vibes to the city :)

you may choose to use the sepia mode directly from cam. or you can edit to sepia in any photo softwares

Thank you all for your visits!

very easy . get yourself picasa. i feel "naked" if my photos are not edited at least with constrasting !!

Kuanyin said...

Is this done with a Lomo camera? I haven't seen that much Lomo work...very nice.

Kris said...

nope, although i would love to own in the future. In the meantime, i'm using to create the lomo mood.
Thanks !

Lessie said...

I love this image! This is so popular here too -- I'd break my neck or wrist in a flash!

Fernando said...

Hey Kris, It's a terrific photo.

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