Saturday, April 07, 2007

Go vegetarian

Found at some random road signs. The sticker says Go vegetarian!
as for Murder king (in reference to a fast food brand?), in my opinion it is a harsh accusation. We don't have that fast food chain in place here in the town, by the way.

Happy weekend to all !

According to a non-representative survey there are 150.000 vegetarians in Hungary.


Zsolt said... the protest arrived sooner to Szentes then Burger King:)

Mandi said...

Yeah, I've seen signs of "McMurder" instead of McDonalds in LA but never "Murder King".

Anonymous said...

I wonder, sometimes, if the human race would be better equipped to deal with health issues if we did, in fact, eat vegetarian? I am not sure. I love meat and some kinds more than others. I learned to like green peas -- something my mother forced me to eat 70 years ago.

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GMG said...

Sorry, I don't buy that recommendation. Then, what would happen to the perkölt? No, thank you... :))

Kris said...

haha..that's so true! prevention is better than cure ;)

mmmm..i've seen mcmurder somewhere. Too radical to my taste :)

your mom did a great job :) i think my mom did, too :D
just take chinese vegetarian, we have mock meat made of flour which usually are deep-fried, sure its tasty but in no way healthy. It's up to the individual to decide what one want to put in their mouth :)

i hear you! you can serve me pörkölt anytime but with a big salad :D

thank you all for your feedback!

Keropok Man said...


one thing i dun like is mock meat. it just does not taste right. haha.. I like real vegies ;-)

Glenn Standish said...

great pic! Thanks for visiting Toruń DP!

david santos said...

Thnks for you work and have a good weekend.

Per Stromsjo said...

It’s not only harsh; it’s outright vulgar if you ask me. Spamming the city with anonymous stickers is a rather primitive form of debate by those who probably couldn’t handle a proper discussion anyhow. We’ve got the same here of course.

If the alternative is industrially produced meat then green food is better for reasons of health and ecological balance. So if you ask me there are good arguments for going vegetarian now and then but that - of course - has nothing to do with the “murder” issue raised by this post.

Happy Easter everyone!

Felicia said...

I have a vegetarian friend that says "I don't eat things with faces". I respect that but I love meat.

ohle said...

....interesting shot, interesting campaign poster.....
Happy Easter to all....

dijah said...

Yeah,Murder King.My whole family are not allowed to eat fast food except once in a month or so.

Fast food really does have a lot of artificcial flavouring,so lets go vegeterian!

Poulet S.A. said...

For me, it's REALLY a strange sign, Kris !
You know well that lots of Asian are veggies since they were born or be a veggie for life on their own reason..... (btw, DON'T count me in...though I eat veggies for sometimes !! LOL)
But we will not do this 'coz it's impolite in our Asian way ! know all, dear ! Different culture, different reaction... :)))

Have a beautiful Sunday and enjoy reading. :)))

P.S. Just GUESS what's the reaction IF they saw a cruel video clip about those cute and innocent Dolphins and Whales hunted I sent to you !!!! =:O

Lachezar said...

I like the viewpoint and composition of the photograph. I also wonder why the girl's silhouette. As for vegetarian or Burger King... well its a choice. Actually from all the fast food joints, I prefer Burger King and take my son there from time to time...

Kris said...

i'Ve been wondering why the girl's there. "she" is found in many other signs ??
some said B K is better than Mc D, for me it made no diff. i like them the same :)

Asia are blessed with varieties of vege. and available all year round. And the cooking method make them very appetising. I must have my vege every meal!

The vid. is awful! On the other hand, it is a good tool for us to remind ourselves to preserve nature :)

yes, eating it once per month makes it more "treasured". I had that same quata those days, now I eat them quarterly maybe.

if you put it that way, >.< i may turn to a vegetarian some day!

You have a point! ;)

welcome David!

Glen, you're welcome!

mock duck is very tasty ..heheh
only once in blue moon lah

Thanks all again for your interesting feedback :)

Happy easter again!

richard said...

The diet argument works on several fronts. Healthwise if you eat an unbalanced diet and a lot of processed food, it doesn't much matter if its vegetarian or not. On the moral side, I have a vegetarian friend who refers to meat as "eating dead flesh", and if anyone has ever seen a young calf killed with a chisel driven into it's skull, the word murder is not far away. (I'm not vegetarian by the way)

Kala said...

I'm not toally for the vegetarian diet only because some of the nutrients like iron, protein, calcium are difficult to get in a bioavailable form for the body to use but its ok once in a while

Lessie said...

Love this perspective.

Ming_the_Merciless said...

I love burgers but I don't go to Burger King. So I can boycott Burger King easily. :-)

Per Stromsjo said...

Killing vegetables ain’t easy either! Ever seen the Swedish chef in The Muppet Show? :D

Kris said...

seeing the killings/huntings will turn certain people off from eating flesh. Flesh is part of the food chain..

honestly i eat vege. because i like the taste especially combined with meat. As long as you eat a salad or two once in a while, its fine i guess

absolutely! the burgers found at street corners are much tastier ;)

:D now that i have to see!

Thanks all again for your feedbacks!

Per Stromsjo said...

The Swedish Chef was a character in the original Muppet Show in the early eighties. Yeah, I’m old enough to remember… ;) He was a complete failure. His ingredients kept fighting back so regardless of whether he was aiming for turkey, chicken or cow it was always a fiasco. At one point he resorted to ”veggie stew” but of course the vegetables put up a fierce resistance and he decided that dinner would consist of vitamin pills... :D

Jazzy said...

i love veg but good stake is just so good not to have it once in a while..

Kris said...

the 80s? you must be in your teens! ;) no wonder you could remember the storyline is amusing. Can imagine it even better on screen.

hear, hear! juicy steaks

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