Sunday, April 01, 2007

Restoration Update #3

Theatre goers gathering outside the town's theatre, making the streets much livelier yesterday afternoon. The crowd grew bigger later..I wonder which play is on?

The last news I heard was this row of structure is due to be renewed (it is slowly falling apart!), except that no developer has shown interests in undertaking the project. Oh, come on! surely someone can think of some bright idea to turn this into a place of interests.


Jilly said...

Lovely building. I'd like to see the top levels of it.

Hope someone comes along and restores it - or at least that it doesn't get knocked down!

Jilly x

Kalyan said...

A well captured view of the place & a nice composition!

Jazzy said...

nice view of the theatre Kris, i wouldn't mind going to watch whatever is on.
it would be interesting to know what do they have on the repertoire.
hope mailboxes from Szentes are not extinct ;)

photowannabe said...

You would think someone would come along. I'm sure its all about money anyway. Nice crowd picture. I like the tree shadows.

Kris said...

oh yes its about profit at the end of the day. Anways I'll wait and see how it'll turn out :)

personally i havent mail anything through mail boxes here. usually i go direct the counter due to its packages etc. the design is similar to the ones in Budapest, except i dont see the crown (?)

thanks all for stopping by!

maiylah said...

i see you've used picnik, Kris!
love the result! :)

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