Monday, April 16, 2007

Pano - a short review

I have posted about Panorama café sometime ago. It has relaunched recently with a new look & name -Pano Café.

First impression, well..Good! but it feels like a clone with the high back chairs and minimalist look ; very similar to the many semi-posh cafés found in cities of Hungary. Is it the same trend/decor. in your city? anyway, i thought it had lost the character it once possessed.

Upon trying the café, it actually feels more inviting and comfortable than before. Best of all the prices have been kept reasonable. I also saw 2 (or more?) slot machines at the back room..erm, what was that about?


Jing said...

I cant drink too much coffee,it makes me awake the whole night. well, only one cup a day if i want.

well, the decor of cafes in shanghai, more are westernized i think. Some small ones may use the traditional Chinese furnitures....well, that atmosphere is still western, like coffee itself.

shanghai daily photo

Kris said...

aside from coffee, you can have wine or shakes there. Unfortunately, i'm immune to caffein and have no problems drinkng coffee at night!

edwin s said...

same here. I consume as much coffee in a day as I do water. cafes around the world kinda have same-ish looks in decor. its as if everyone is aiming for a 'Wallpaper' sense of design.

richard said...

Like yesterdays post, Cafes are also very civilising, or can be. They are always places to reflect,read, converse, write and blog! I also find that they always have their own quirks and character (in Europe anyway).

Bleeding Orange said...

I quite like these modern, a bit posh, cafés. Even if it's true that they tend to multiply everywhere!
Nice shot.

~tanty~ said...

It looks quite nice and comfortable to me. I like drinking coffee in the morning :)

Dsole said...

i like this photo! Also i'd like to take a coffee there... but it doesn't seem the kind of bar with slot machines..

Anonymous said...

I wonder where the chairs went? I saw them in the portal view but they were gone when I got here. I can comment on the cafe part and the feel. Here, most of the places people eat in are fast food types. You have to drive some considerable distance to find a nice, comfortable restaurant to sit down in and enjoy the atmosphere. There are some restaurants or cafes that are very old and look bad from the outside so visitors would not enter them thinking it must be a dirty place inside. But the local people know that this is the place to go for a good meal at a decent price. In this country if you are on the road going somewhere, then most people know to stop at a truck stop or a restaurant that caters to truck drivers. Usually you will see these huge trucks parked nearby. Well, the truck drivers will only eat where the food is good and the prices are reasonable. Those places are almost always a good place to get a great meal.

As for "looks" or style. There is nothing to write home about.

Olivier said...

Il est sympathique ce café. j'aime bien prendre une noisette (un cafe avec une goutte de lait) avec un verre d'eau. mais avec ce soleil, un cafe frappé

It is sympathetic nerve this coffee. I like to take a hazel nut (a coffee with a milk drop) with water glass. but with this sun, a struck coffee

magiceye said...

seems very relaxed...

ohle said...

I really like this photo....

ja.mes said...

quite formal....but those chairs--they look like leather? i guess they're good at moving them in quick if it rains.

Zsolt said...

it really looks very trendy:)

Lessie said...

Oh, if only we had such a cafe! The tables and chairs appear quite mod. Glad the prices are reasonable. Like the above view.

don said...

i'm a big fan of cofee and relaxing at a cafe. But those chairs to posh for me!! To me it tells that the spend more money on the chair than on the coffee :)Give me that shabby cafe with the perfect coffee. that's why i came in the first place. Look at the way the place the menucart..... stylisch

Sally said...

Maybe they are opening a chain, and have the "Rama" cafe somewhere else?

I could happily settle in there for a while!

Fernando said...

What a sunny day! Nice view Kris

Kuanyin said...

Very different from Maui restaurants and cafes, but still, it has it's own lovely style!

alex said...

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Istvan said...

I really like the composition of your shot. I grew up in Szentes, but moved away after high school, many years ago. First Budapest, and now California. I still go back there annually to visit my Mom.
So I think I know where you took the picture from. The shadow across the upper part of the shot is that of a bit bulky set of stairs going up to a terrace where an art gallery is (or at least used to be).
The previous furniture I saw there was a bit outdated, I thought, and didn't go too well with the concrete structure around. I recall reed or bamboo or wood...?
As you say - these semi-posh cafes are the same all over the world. It is just interesting for me to see the new "Pano" in that category. I will check it out on my next trip.
A few times a year, I go to China and Japan. Although I haven't been to Shanghai yet, as Jing comments, modern cafes have the same feel in Asia. I am sure KL is the same... While it is true that tea places tend to have more traditional furniture some modern tea houses do borrow from Western cafe decor.
I like cafes with sofas, armchairs and free wireless connection where I can have a bit of me time: reading, surfing, studying... and sipping a good mocha or latte. What is it like inside? And how's the coffee? The cappuccino didn't used to be half bad.
Slot machines? I am not too surprised. The previous place used to have a pool table in the back room - I think
Oh.. and I am sure you know that the original Pano used to be on the second floor above the news stand and optometrist AND the name Pano is short for "Panorama".

Kris said...

Welcome Istvan,
the chairs were woonden, perhaps they've made some changes the last time you were there.

No Sofas, armchair and wireless connection at Pano ....yet! Hopefully in the near future they'll add at least armchairs to let me sunk into it! The cappuccino's good, no expert (i'm more of an intant coffee fan) Will definitely return to check out their lattes and mochas.

My last few visits before the renovation, I didnt pay much attention to the back room. Pool tables are fine while slot machines seem abit out of place. Gamblers have always the small Söröző to go too ;)

The fashionable cafés in KL or Msia have a similar feel. On top of that, some do try to add individualism in it. Its just kind of boring after a while.

ok, confuse! let me read again later

hehehehee..will let u know when i found it!

yes, leather ..not sure genuine or otherwise tho

true! Yeah, give me a shabby place anytime! my first impression was that the place's a bit pretentious; however, i think the changes has a positive impact on the overall mood to it.

hazel nut flavor sounds tasty but i like mine simple with cream ;)

from where I came from, the dirtier the place, the tastier the, go figure!

If i have a chance to visit the US, I track down where the truckers eat ..thanks for the useful info.

i must have my coffee ,too! bad bad habit, right?

its getting boring, right?

thanks all for your interesting feedbacks!

Nathalie said...

Very good composition here Kris, the empty pavement on one side, the very geometric setting of the chairs and tables on the other. I really like it.

Quite similar trends in decoration in Sydney, yes.

Pierre said...

Great pic, light and shades, geometrical position of the chairs on the pavement! Love it :)

Jazzy said...

i have to say i agree with you all new coffee shops look exactly the same, no character what so ever! although i like modern and new but more diversity wouldn't hurt.
great perspective btw.
have a good cuppa there.

Ming_the_Merciless said...

That is a spectacular photo! I love texture and design on the ground, plus the arrangement of the chairs around the tables. Totally cool photo.

Kris said...

exactly. Last saturday, the chairs of the al fresco section had been changed. will post again when i get a good photo :)

thank you all for your comments!

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