Sunday, April 15, 2007

Conversation with stranger

One can fetch drinking water again from this fountain; although I haven't tried it myself...just haven't been daring enough :p
After the photo session, I moved on to do some window shopping. A stranger, an elderly man, stopped my partner and suggested that we should really be shopping for wedding gown, because we look "good" together... ??? how can he tell we're not married?... of course my partner thanked him while feeling abit akward of the situation. People here are really vocal of their opinions, at least good opinions..heheheh
How's your Sunday? Me, I'm stuffed with delicious lunch of rakott krumpli (potatoes& eggs casserole)!


Kate said...

Just got up so haven't eaten yet but your narrative makes me hungry. How sweet of the elderly man to offer a positive comment!

Dsole said...

yes, that's a nice conversation. i guess you smiled when you left that man. :)
I've just eat a paella, like every sunday, and as the weather is fine, I think I'm going to get out some nice place to spend the evening, ciao!

Jing said...

stay at home..and thinking too much.
no talk at all here.

nice Sunday.

shanghai daily photo

isabella said...

Maybe you look too happy to be married ;-)
We just had a late breakfast (brunch, really) of blueberry pancakes...

zannnie said...

very teasing lighting..:)

Lisi said...

Don't talk to strangers, Little gal! :-)
hehe, Kris, long time no see, how are you??? Life is crazy here and I'm trying to keep my head above water but it's always good to see you guys still posting and hanging around...take care and enjoy spring!

magiceye said...

interesting! the conversation and the picture!

Z said...

Maybe he's a "renew your vows" kind of guy? So, did that get you two talking about it? (See, not just in Hungary, people on the internet can be nosy too!)

ja.mes said...

Mmmm, rakott krumpli.

ja.mes said...

mmm.rakott krumpli.
who knows, maybe he had a wedding dress a lined up and was going to sell you on the cheap!

Zsolt said...

I love rakott krumpli...did you eat it with a lot of tejföl?
When will be the wedding?:)

ICE_Molly said...

What a lovely man... once, my boyfriend and I were on vacation in San Francisco, and a lady selling tours stopped us and said to us "oh, you and your husband look so happy together"... and that was it... then, less than a year later, we were married.

We've had a lazy Sunday. Took the dog for a walk on the beach and lounged about... your lunch sounds interesting!

dijah said...

I wonder if that elderly man is true.......hehehehe.But who knows you and your friend might be together one day?

BTW,I like the tree in the background of this picture!

Poulet S.A. said...

Such a beautiful shot and story !
I have GREAT Sunday, Kris ! It is our NEW YEAR time and we have lots of fun visiting cousins and doing merit !
It's Monday over here right now and I still have another 2 day off !!

Have a beautiful week ahead, Kris ! :))

Ming_the_Merciless said...

That is an amazing photo.

What an awkward situation to have.

Kris said...

Happy New year, Poulet!
were you all wet from the water festival? any pics to share? ;)

you have a great week ahead,too!

when i look at the photo, the colors of the trees look fake to me but when I passed the trees again in the evening, they do look that colour!

:) did you buy any honey moon tours from that lady?
your activites sound fun!

of course......tejföl is the best part of the dish! Wedding? oh, I knew someone is bound to ask :D

darn, didnt ask for his contact!!

LOL!!! moi have been guilty for nosy ,too! we brushed the man's comment off. As we already have our own plans ;)

oh, swim Lisi, swim! Nice to see you taking abreak and visit us. We know you must have lots of things to deal with. You take care,too girl :)

Maybe you look too happy to be married ...what do you mean? haha..hmm, marriage comes with lots of responsibilities, so couples tend to have frowny faces ??

If you're thinking of something nice, then by all means. Otherwise, I suggest you surf a bit :)

trust you have a great Sunday!

Thanks all for your feedback!

richard said...

For me public drinking fountains are one of the (few) saving graces of our fading civilisation! They disappeared in my home town Edinburgh decades ago, but happily they are very plentiful in Zurich. This is a really nice photo, the green leafy background goes nicely with the sound of the water. Yes, you can listen to photographs!

Olivier said...

tres belle photo , cette fontaine est superbe.

very beautiful photograph, this fountain is superb

Lessie said...

I love this fountain -- the statutes holding the jars at different levels. You've composed this shot brillantly -- like the green contrast.

Kris said...

can you hear the waters? :D
i should try drinking it before it disapears!

the fountain came from a foundry in Paris ;)

Thanks again guys for your visits!

Keropok Man said...

why did not you try the water? haha..

hey, tapow some rakoot krumpli over!

Kris said...

coward lor! :p
rakott krumpli? can....or you want the recipe? hheheh ..faster

maiylah said...

yeah, try the water before it disappears! lol ...
had a laugh re: maybe you look too happy to be married :D
...maybe the old man knows you both, Kris ... you just weren't aware. it is a small town, after all. just maybe ... or maybe it was an angel? or maybe ... hehehe.
you get the idea. ;))

Kris said...

hahahahah..angel, it must be! i like the way you think, maiylah :))

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