Saturday, April 28, 2007

Changing colours

*edited - gamma
Trust that everyone is having a good weekend. We've been out since morning..glad that we return in time to capture this image. It was amazing seeing this sea of gold..the image doesnt do justice! I plan to get a closer look at the field next week, so stay tune.

ps. Will reply to your comments later


Strangetastes said...

This a really nice shot. Sun breaking through the clouds with a suggestion of rain in the distance, clean horizon, strong color contrast in the field. There seem to be a lot of photos of rapeseed fields in CDPBs these days but it's that time of year in Europe.

Don't apologize for editing the picture. What counts is the image you show us, not how you got there. Most if not all of the pix I post have been tweaked in Photoshop.

If I may make one suggestion: consider cropping out the dark area in the foreground. It isn't interesting but everything above it certainly is. Besides, having the horizon right down the middle makes the picture a bit static. Lowering the horizon by cropping would emphasize the beautiful field and sky.

St. Louis Missouri Daily Photo Blog

Kris said...

Thanks, Strabgetaste!
yes, i rememeber Alice of Arradon posted something similar. It is certainly a delightful sight.

Post production on my photos usually incl. sharpening, and contrasting. I try to keep it as real as possible to the orig. scene. I'll do extra tweaking when the quality is poor.

Your suggestions make sense, i'll try to play with it in a bit :)

~tanty~ said...

Agree with strangetastes, this is so nice so peaceful. I like it a lot.

don said...

the yellow gold of the future.

dijah said...

this is such a cool picture Kris!I love the way the sun shines down on the field.

Mimmu said...

Perfect start for a day! You captured rays of sun wonderfully.
Have a happy weekend !

Poulet S.A. said...

Beautiful ray in the beginning of the day!
Here we have Summer storm, Kris! However, being home with my family is always great! :))
Have a beautiful day!

Zsolt said...

I also remember Alice's France and Hungary is similar?:)

annulla said...

Great colors. I'm surprised that the land is so flat there. I thought it was a photo of the Netherlands!

Blather From Brooklyn

denton said...

Beautiful photo. The rays from the sun breaking through the clouds are very nice. I had to move down the page to see the whole photo and was very pleasantly surprised by a burst of gold ... Alice (from Arradon Daily Photo) posted a similar photo.

magiceye said...

a perfect picture postcard!!! lovely!

alice said...

Canola...a treasure for good photos!

GMG said...

Great shot. Doesn't really matter how you got there...

Kris said...

thanks for the name, I have no idea what the plant name was :D

that was a memorable shot, huh :)

oh yes! that's the great plain!

seems everyone knows that image!
i'm sure there r similarity, but can you point out?

same here, all of sudden the sky turn cloudy then sunny..a bit undecisive :D Wish you the same, my friend :)

Thanks all for your visits!

jeferson labunda said...

I love this photo. Its so wounderful!


Kala said...

I had a marvelous weekend! and you photo adds to tht relaxation - your photos are always so beautiful it makes me envious of your skills!

Lessie said...

Man, you captured the sun's rays beautifully. Love the gold as well.

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