Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Two to tango

Love the retro aspect of these seats. Although they might have been there before the comeback of retro style. Look at it, its in perfect condition and I quite fancy it in my home.
The place functions as culture centre utilised mainly for dance, musical training and etc. Strange for me is why only two seats are arranged in this spacious area and not more?
Tomorrow I'll show the view from these seats.


Zsolt said...

i am afraid..retro or not retro they have been there:) And they will be there in 20 years too. as I know places like this:)

Kris said...

oh yeah! the way they are maintaining them, they'll last til we're 80

edwin s said...

I quite fancy them too. can't wait to see the view from the seats.

Anonymous said...

I like your photograph.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville Daily Photo

maiylah said...

wow ... you think they'll still be there even when you reach 80, Kris? *grins*
hmmmm...maybe only two seats for the main judges/teacher(s)! ;)

~tanty~ said...

I like those chairs too, dunno why. Maybe the color?
I like your yesterday's post a lot. Stunning!

lv2scpbk said...

No one there but the chairs. Looks quiet.

Strangetastes said...

Beautiful, spare photo. There is a great sense of spatial harmony and balance. The dark rectangle in the upper right keeps it visually interesting. Good work.

St. Louis Missouri Daily Photo Blog

Olivier said...

tres bonne photo, belle composition et tres graphique. vu comme ça, cela fait tres froid comme ambiance.

very good photograph, beautiful composition and very graph. seen like that, that made very cold like environment.

magiceye said...

superbly framed!

denton said...

Yes, the sense of space is what I like most about this photo. You were wise not to crop the photo.

Kate said...

The shiny seats and the shiny floor--nice!

richard said...

I like things that last a long time. This is another wall photo like the one you did a few weeks ago - but different. Nice composition, and minimalist with the colours

Kris said...

it is the minimalist concept that i like about this shot!

ooooh, i was tempted to crop it at first!

the area does feel cold, isnt it?

as long as it is not orange color!

i believe the chairs already survived 30 years, it will sustain as long as no one sits on it ...hahahah

thanks all for stopping by!

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