Sunday, April 08, 2007

Gnome sweet gnome

"A gnome is a cute, legendary creature characterized by its very small size and subterranean lifestyle"

This garden gnome or manó mano as we call it (or as zsolt pointed out törpe too :), appeared to have been super-sized; standing at approx. 2 ft. tall! still cute nonetheless. Do you have one hidden in your garden?

Happy Sunday to all and Happy Easter !


Zsolt said...

i would rather call it "törpe".:) I guess its more popular in Germany where is a cult of "kobold"s. I like in yout photo that it looks like you were peeping the MANÓ and he didnt recognise you:) Cuteee

Per Stromsjo said...

Good title! I like to spend some time on the words as well and once in a while they seem to come out in the right order.

Mandi said...

Awww, he's very cute!

james said...

hahaha, cute title. cheers. just got back in.

richard said...

Better watch out for these guys

Garde Gnome Liberation Front

I like the groups that steal gnomes and send photographs of them residing in freedom, somewhere far away

Kris said...

haha, i was indeed peeping. The owner saw my suspicious behaviour and offered to turn the törpe to face the cam. So kind of her ;)

got the title somewhere online :p

yes, I read about it. Just kind of bizarre for me! :)

Thanks all again for your feedback !

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on the hummer.

I like your gnome in the picture. They are just like that on television commercials here.

Dsole said...

we call them "gnomos". i remeber when i was a little girl there were on TV a cartoon serie called David el Gnomo.. and he was just like your statue... but smaller i'm sure

isabella said...

There must be one living in my garden - my rakes keep disappearing ;-)
Happy Easter!

denton said...

I have seen garden gnomes before however I never had an opportunity to photograph one before. Normally I see gnomes as decorations on a shelf.

Kala said...

oh my gosh, its the garden gnome - like the one in that french movie Amelie - we dont have one in our garden but we have alot of other things =P

Kris said...


some are crafted so delicately they definitely deserve to be on the shelves

it is waiting for you to look for him ;)

i dont know that cartoon. Ah, they do resembles the character smurf! i love smurfs

Thank you all for your feedback!

Jazzy said...

cute shot Kris.

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