Thursday, October 12, 2006

Did we skip autumn?

"mama says its cold outside that I shouldn't catch the cold, I must dress-warm . I didn't care about the jacket though, all I want is my cute pink hat!, see? "

No one told me!! I was freezing out half an hour ago! So, I'm telling you ;)
Have a cold free day!


Jazzy said...

ooo Kris very cute picture, i can't believe it's that cold in Szentes, winter is running your way fast brrr, come to my dp to catch some sun and what's left of the summer.
have a great day.

Olivier said...

Elle est mignonne, superbe photo d'enfant. tu as fait un traitement speciale a ta photo ?

Kris said...

oui, j'ai ajouté la lueur douce et les ombres plus foncées :)

i either over or under dress. its strange we have no rains yet ??
I'll hop by your blog ;)

Anonymous said...

But, can you tell me, how cold is it today in Szentes? Perhaps you did not wear same kind of jacket as in the picture`s little one? You have to buy that jacket before your coming to Finland!
See you in Joensuu after three months :)? (Look at my answer to you on my page, please)

~tanty~ said...

What a cutie girl with a cute pink hat!

dutchie said...

thanks for your wish Kris, in fact the weather is much warmer here than usual.
Cute picture of the little one.
Text could be straight out my daughters mouth.

maiylah said...

so cute!
rainy and humid here, sure you're familiar with our weather here. lol... ;)
stay warm!

Jing said...

cute kid~~~
beautiful colour!!
too cold weather!!
(i am wearing the skirt and sandal)
and amazing kris!!
she can take beautiful photos and even understand so many languages!!

have a nice day ~~

Zsolt72 said...

kris..we had wonderful warm weather in Budapest. You have to come here if you are freezing there in the south:)

Lisi said...

a colorful dreamy effect...nice :-)

Meg Nakagawa said...

Hey, Kris, you're a little shorter than I imagined. Hee hee.

Terra Vecchia said...

tres sympa et tres simple comme clichés, j'apprecie...

Felicia said...

This time of year in some places it is hard to tell what kind of weather the day will bring. Though it seems hard to believe, I heard that you can't get a cold because you are cold.

Kris said...

is that so? hey then i dont have to care about catching cold!!

Merci, Terra!

oh, you'll be surprised ;)

hey, i thought BP should be colder?? the afternoons for us is still great..while themorning is single digit weather :S

you are talking about the kid? :D

Back home is diff. I love rain! as long as it doesnt cause flood, typhoon..any damages is fine with me :)

do i write like your daughter? lol!

in the morning its about 6°c than by noon it increased to comfortable 23°c..its hard to gauge the real weather outside to dress properly before going out. Am i going to finland?

Thank you all for your comments!

Suzanne said...

Brrrr. The temperature has plummetted in Nashville. It's 8AM and 34F (1C)! I am sending up a prayer for my chrysanthemums and lusting after this child's outfit.

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