Saturday, October 28, 2006

Rush hour

Lucky for us, we never have adrenalin pumping rush hour. So, no excuse for being late to work! ;D To fake the rush, I exaggerated the traffic scene with photography technique, obviously a technique which I have yet to acquire ;)
I wish you a rush-free weekend!


Olivier said...

photo tres originale, belle gestion du mouvement et de la couleur.
bravo j'aime beaucoup

very original photograph, beautiful management of the movement and the color. cheer I like much

Bill said...

Very interesting shot, I like it.

Jazzy said...

that's art Kris.
no rush on my end =)
shame you're opting out of the Nov theme day?!

ciao and have a relaxing sunday.

Mimmu said...

This make me laugh, I remember my moonlight pictures without any support. Moon was like your lights in this photo.
Thank you for sharing this!!
Nice evening to you!

Zsolt72 said...

i guess I can recognise a TRABANT among the cars:)

prash said...

thats an interesting shot.... lights look great in the photo .... nice....hehe

Kris said...

heheh..that happened to me last night!

bullseye! you get 1 point ;)

i didnt snap anything related to the theme. who knows if i get one today, i'll do it ;)

Thanks/Köszi/Merci all!

Jing said...


Ben said...

I lost a word.

Nathalie said...

This is a brilliant photo Kris, absolutely brilliant.

Meg Nakagawa said...


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