Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Every photo tells a story

what story you may asked
isn't it obvious?
the autumn story begins..
despite no rain (yet) and the occasional summery afternoons..
mother nature has been working secretly at the town's nature's reserve,
where the signs of autumn are the most evident.


Olivier said...

L'automne nous amene des couleurs magnifiques, un pur plaisir pour les photographes.
Bravo pour ton montage

Curly said...

I don't know why, but autumn looks as though it will happen later than normal in the u.k. The trees are still full of leaves and the berries are only just ripening.

Nice pictures!

Curly's Photoshop

John - Melbourne said...

Beautiful montage Kris, the trio of pics look fantastic together.
Also love what you did with the bear shot below. Two great posts. Top stuff!

Sally said...

Kris - a gorgeous triptych. I love it.

Kala said...

A wonderful and artsy composition! Can you frame this and mail to me please =)

Lachezar said...

Kris this is stunning.

Is spring here at the other side of the world ...

Jazzy said...

yes gorgeous, beautiful but it's still too early for me - i'm struggling very much, my mind is still in july.

Lisi said...

love this poetic post :-)

Annie said...

And this is a story I look forward to hearing/seeing again and again.

Lovely photos.

Dawn said...

Beautiful!!Autumn is my favourite season because of the climate, but mostly because of all the different shades of autumn colours!

Jenny said...

Lovely triptych - very creative and evocative of the season.

Jing said...


Kris said...

it was pure pleasure for me :)

yes, autumn colours is to be celebrated not the climate!!

spring? from your photo i see cloudy days, i assume its autumn as well :o

summer will be back before you know it!

sure! first let me set up an online store okay?!

its the same for us until today. indian summer is finally over :(

thank everyone for passing by :)

maiylah said...

wonderful job, Kris!!!

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