Monday, October 30, 2006

Life document

It didnt matter that it was raining heavily, we wanted a breather from translation work. Besides, it gives us a chance to test the new bigger better umbrella. which reminded me the reason why we needed a new one..

A friend of mine once told me that in the beginning of her marriage, she and hubby could fit themselves comfortably even on a single-sized bed. Few years down the line, they had needed a bigger bed with each complaining wanting their own space! Also, to avoid either one falling from the bed due to pushing. :D
In my case, we recently upgraded the umbrella to fit 3 of us... No.3 being my camera (and expanding waistlines)! yes, we finally get to test the umbrella yesterday.

I'm writing nonesense..that's my account of yesterday. Have a smiley Monday!


Lisi said...

Don't know about the waistline but I think you are writing reality :-)

Olivier said...

l'eau t'inspire de belle photo.

water inspires to you by beautiful photograph.

Kris said...

its so typical these days isnt it? fingers crossed, me and partner will not want a separate bed by 50s! that we've agreed not to let it happend ;)

l'eau est une inspiration. en même temps j'ai peur qu'ils entrent dans l'objectif :o

Jazzy said...

what can i say, hungarian food is more than delicious, so be aware ;)

fun shot, inviting to splash and play about, hehe...

have a good week.

Anonymous said...

I must tell to you , that we positively need now after 42 years marriage a huge, new bed:)And this is a reason: we had in last week in our bed two grandchildren, a little jealous ,big Golden Retriever, of course it was my husband, who fall down from the bed.
But seriously, it`s fine to get old
with someone, who knows everything about you and even then wants to live with you. All the best for you, Kris&husband!

Nathalie said...

Expanding waistline eh? Should we expect a new little one on this planet soon or is of eating to many good things?
I love Mimmu's comment. I think she's quite right. However she spoke of a large bed, not of twin beds, which I agree is awful !!!

Nathalie said...

Another fantastic photo, technically brilliant but also full of sensitivity. I hadn't visited in a few days so did a bit of catching up. A pure delight.

edwin s said...

Waistlines are reality! Should look at mine. Trousers from yore ready to be donated to fashion-conscious people.

relationships: aahhh...

good shot btw :)

Jing said...

like the colours and the ripples on the water....
nice life document..:))
i can feel your happiness there~~

James said...

This is an incredible picture. Thank you for sharing it. At least you're not elderly. I have an aunt and uncle in Paramus who are near the end of their lives but still had to get rid of their old large bed in favor of twin beds. Apparently, towards the end you really start hogging the comforter...

Keropok Man said...

Do some exercise, and it will keep the waistline down :-)

I like the rain pix!

Denton said...

Enlisting your husband to hold the umbrella while you take photos will surely set a new standard of involving your loved ones in Daily Photo activity. Thank you for leading the way. Now I am off the tell my wife ... PS: great photo and the rain drops present new ideas for us all the try.

Zsolt72 said...

Its not nosense at all Kris. Actually very important what you wrote...I hope you two will have space even for more under the umbrella;)

mad said...

We could use some of that rain where I live, heh.

Lachezar said...

Nothing really comes to my mind for a comment, but I did spend quite some time looking at the photo and I guess, that's what counts ;)

Best wishes to all of you under the umbrella

Christy and Wendi said...

I love the simplicity in all your photos... yet they speak for themselves. Beautiful.

Bill said...

I love how the color of the leaves compliments the tile & bottom of the river!

santy said...

apa kabar, kris? we're still waiting for rain here in Jakarta. It's been hot for waaaay too long! and how about answering nathalie's question, eh? a little one on the way??? :)

Kris said...

khabar baik :)
after this, the rain will arrive soon in Jakarta, ishaallah (spelling?). little one yet!

where do u live? 'coz not stated in your profile ..

Thank you for the wishes :)

Its fun to do DP with a partner.
from your posts, I already know your wife is involved very much in your DP scouting.

Keropak man,
been exercising..not effective at all!

I guess it doesnt matter sleeping together or not as you get older. as long as the love is still burning (boy! that sounds corny :p)

true. happiness 'cos i took the photo lol!

from today's (31/10) photo i think you look fine what?! dont lah want 25" waist !! :D

I saw this question coming !!! and Santy is interested to know as well. No , no..not ready yet. Blame the food!!!

hahahahah..your bed must be huge!! whilst poor mimmu's hubby! make sure you put addition comforters on the floor so that when he falls he wont even notice it :D

do you know any Hungarian food? It is rich but it doesnt put on weight evidently. It is the junk food in between tv programmes :s

Thank you all for your interesting thoughts on the subject & for visiting :)

Pinkinha said...


Great Photo!!!


Wilf James said...

What a great image Kris. Having a bit of time this morning to catch up on your photo-blog.

As I am known to say, I don't get around as much as I would like due to the fact we still cannot get a broadband connection to the internet.

I keep saying that because I do appreciate the people who visit my photo-blog - thanks.

Kris said...

Great to hear from you. Thanks for droppin by, i appreacite it. I understand the constraint with dial-up. I enjoy your photos and visit your blog regularly, although I may not leave a comment ;)

Pinkinha ,
Thank you for visiting. Kisses back!

albi said...

bellissima! a very unusual prospective

Kala said...

thats a cute story in an interesting shorta way - although that bed story is kinda too bad - less romance and more sleep seems to be the calling with time

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