Saturday, October 14, 2006

Standing not too tall

Photo : Decades ago, the fire observation tower was the tallest building .
Since land is still a plenty in our town, development tends to go horizontally. Offices sit on 1-2 floors buildings. Flats/apartments range from 3, 5 to highest of 10 floors. This might sound unexciting to some. I, myself prefer metropolitan lifestyle, but I have to admit this way of life is definitely a better one. What about you? which do you prefer?
Enjoy your weekend everyone!


Jazzy said...

-beautiful Kris-

as much as i like nature and always have to be near the water, forest... i have to say that i have to live in the city, cultural life is what is always going to prevail.

Olivier said...

Magnifique Kris, le jeux des ombres et la couleur du ciel, superbe.
J'adore ce genre de photo (mais j'ais trouve charlie facilement ;o)) )

Zsolt72 said...

I prefer metropolitan lifestyle. I grew up in a little town (tatabánya) and I always dreamed of big city like Budapest:)

Jing said...

the cloud in the photo looks like burning... :D burning cloud??

first beautiful photo!
and which i prefer?? I am in the biggest city in the mainland of China. Do I like the life here very much?? Its so complicated to say. Half good, half bad...maybe. (winke...)I think before 40s,I prefer the metropolitan lifestyle...then i will choose a nice and quiet small town or just the rural place to live... :)
Each kinds of lifestyle has its benefits and shortcomings. Now I choose the big city to live!!!

have a nice day there~~~

Alex said...

Wow! Looks like the sky is on fire. That's great you captured these colors with the "electric tower" in contrast!
As for the urban development, I would say I prefer the vertical one with small buildings even though of course, it expands more on the land!

Edulabbe said...

Beautiful colors. A nice picture.
I prefer metropolitan life, because you can get anything you want, do many things and have a lot of fun.
The downside is overpopulation that occurs with too many high buildings...

Greetings from Chile

John - Melbourne said...

That's a great sky with a great dark silhouette! Well done Kris!

Kris said...

if you have lived most of your life in the country, its good to experience the city life. Just to see if you like it :)

Olivier, n'y avait aucun endroit bon pour le cacher, celui est pourquoi :)

Jing / Edulabbe,
i agree. Before 40 is a good bench mark. After that the tolerence level will decline :)

with vertical ones you'll always have thise sense of excitement awaiting its completion.

Thank you, John and everyone for stopping by :)

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