Sunday, October 15, 2006

Strictly Ballroom

I never missed BBC's Stricly Ballroom on tv , except that this time I get to see ballroom dancing live at our own back yard (own stadium). Dancers around the country meeting yesterday for Hungarian Standard Dance Championship. We're proud to have organised the event.
See photo gallery

wish you a Happy Sunday!


Zsolt72 said...

i love the way dancers usually stand. SO proud, straight way.

Jing said...

that was my wish when i was a little girl...But i never had chance to learn how to dance.
But i still have that wish...:)
...beautiful view!!

Jazzy said...

it seems like ballroom dancing is getting popular everywhere. nice line up.

selana18 said...

Hi Kris!
Very nice event!Did you dance too?
From your gallery I prefer the third photo with the two dancers on move.
I hope that you had an interesting weekend.

Olivier said...

Tres belle photo, avec ce contrasme d'un cote le noir et blanc et les couleurs. Tres bonne idee de presentation

Sally said...

Please tell me how you did that half b & w , half colour?

Fabulous photo.

Nick said...

That's an extremely effective photograph. Impressive and engaging work; I love it.

Kris said...

i used a programme name photofiltre, while the method is called "Vectorial selection". I believe any photo manipulation prog. provide this selection.
Do take a look at this link

let me first take lessons in ballroom dancing! I was indeed a fun day out :)

with the hectic lifestyle these days, dancing is really a good and fun way to release pressure :)

except ballet, i think any other dances are still possible as long as you have the interest ;)

oh yes! their posture is full of confidence and grace :)

Thank you/Köszi/merci for dropping by everyone :)

Olivier said...

Kris tu utilises aussi Photofiltre ? tu travailles avec la version normale ou la version studio ?
perso je travaille avec la version studio. J'adore ce logigiel, il est simple, pas lourd et un forum sympa (j'y passe avec le pseudo John Lee).

Joy said...

I love the black/white - color affect. It is like they are looking at themselves in the past.

Meg Nakagawa said...

I can smell the tension in this photo. Nice!

Felicia said...

Kris, this is so beautiful and so interesting! It reminds me of the other ballroom dancing photo you showed with the woman in the red dress - I really liked that one too. Maybe you will link this one to the red dress one?

Denton said...

My wife continues to have hope that one day I'll learn to dance. But after 36 years of marriage I doubt if I'll gain the skill ... We do enjoy watching others dance though.

Kris said...

Je travaille avec la version normale, un freeware que j'ai téléchargé autrefois il y a. Récemment il exposition quelques signes d'instabilité. Si tout va bien rien ne se produit !

Have you see the movie "Shalll we dance?" I think just by learning some simple waltz moves will impress your wife very much ;)

wow! you remembered! you made my day ;) i'Ll browse the archive in a bit . By the way that dance couple werent competeting that day.

Me too..especially from that guy who's looking side way :D

glad you like the tweaking. My intention was to lessen the distracting element :)

Thanks again everyone for passing by :)

Fashionasia said...

wow...i love ballroom dancing because of the lovely colorful clothes and the dancers....woww...
i learnt rock myself for a performance ...wonder if i still remember the need a partner..anyone? hehe
no more pics?

maiylah said...

love this unusual shot, Kris!
it's that time again, huh?!

Kris said...

i think there should be another one coming soon in Dec. That compete Ten dance. Not sure this has been replace with that though :)

what about your hubby? enroll in dancing course together should be loads of fun ;)

Sadia said...

I really like the effect on this photo. And I love how 56 is checking out his competion. How did he fare?

Kris said...

hi, sadia!
he wasnt particularly striking to me. I'll find out for you :)

Curly said...

Hi Kris, what a nice composition, improved by your subtle use of black and white with colour!

Curly's Photoshop

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