Monday, October 16, 2006

Who's that girl?

The weeds are as if dancing in the air with the spot light shining through. Automatically my knees and elbows went on the moist grass, in an akward position to bring you this photo. As I wore dark colours I'd like to think I blended with the landscape. Also because someone past by and didnt even notice me. lol!
Now, care to share any embarassing position you put yourself into just to take that one photo?

About the statue :-
She's seated on a bench outside the library with a book on her lap, I named her Missy Read.


Anonymous said...

This kind of result is worth any kind of position, I think, when I see this most beautiful statue photo ever seen. Admiretable!!
Have a nice week, Kris!

Olivier said...

Superbe photo. les plantes (ainsi photographiées) me font penser a des lucioles

Jazzy said...

*** magical ***
that was a hard work =) everything for art..

embarrassing moments?! well i had a couple of those when wanted to take a 'shot' of people, but all of them were of a friendly nature.

John - Melbourne said...

Thanks for getting on your knees, the angle is fantastic. Lighting in the shot works really well! Congrats again.

Suzanne said...

Striking combo of the deep blue and gold. Who IS the girl?

Jing said...

who is that girl?? (winke...)
Um...very beautiful!!esp. those golden seeds~~looks like dancing seeds!
Um...if could take the beautiful photos like this one, i dont care any kinds of embarassing position~~

have a nice day~~

Bill said...

Well done!

Kate said...

The weeds look like they're glowing! Very nice, Kris! PS. I don't embarrass easily!

BrianG said...

Of all the photographs taken of this sculpture, I would bet yours is unique in its composition, lighting and beauty.

alice said...

Hello Miss Read, you look beautiful.

James R said...

Again, this is just an incredible photo. It was certainly well worth the ware and tear to your knees.

May I ask how you post such large photos with great resolution? I'm still getting a handle on the blogspot thing.

The only experience I can think of was for the conservation structural failure assignment at Woodchester where I had to slide along in several crawlspaces to get (not great) shots of cracks and water damage. I was covered in dust and bat crap. Oh, and I've been hit by cars several times when in the street taking building shots. Once was hit five times by taxis in one day. Although that makes look like an idiot. All were minor collisions and nothing resulted in injury.

Alex said...

Woow! Kris You did a great job. Thanks a lot for putting so much effort to create such an artistic photo. It's brilliant.

Meg Nakagawa said...

Embarassing? All the time, not so much wtih my posture (because we're after art, aren't we ;-) but because my arms are never the right length, and either I have my glasses off and my face almost in the LCD screen, or my arms are stretched as far as they go (and more) - all in an effort to see what I'm doing. Don't know if it's even worth it sometimes because I can't see what I'm doing most times.

maiylah said...

oohhh...lovely lovely shot, Kris!!!! hehe, blending well with the sorroundings, huh?
getting my camera out in the open and people staring at me is embarrassing enough for me... *grins*
ps. is she the girl outside your library? ... i remembered your FT shot. ;))

Carol said...

Great photo! Thanks for getting contorted for our benefit.

Ryan of OC Photos said...

I often lay on the ground and climb in bushes. Sometimes when getting a low angle I realize that my butt is sticking up in the air and people are walking behind me.

Kris said...

my butt was sticking up , yet no one saw!

my pleasure :)

hey, yeah..imagine when we upgrade to DSLR ..those long white canon lens !!!

lol! for art , yeah!

on your query, I think i have a back up of wider layout of your template. will email to you?

Good for you ;)

Suzanne / Jing,
the girl was created especially for the library. Not anyone famous :)

Thank you all for passing by :)
have a nice week ahead!

Lisi said...

hey Chris, very creative composition...btw, I'm curious, could this be Sisi the Austrian queen?

Denton said...

Outstanding photo and excellent explanation. Thank you for your extra ordinary efforts.

Kris said...

I'm afraid there's no further info about who she is. In the town's website, they just mentioned "reading woman" .

thanks Denton and Lisi :)

Christy and Wendi said...

Great pict... must have been challenging getting the right exposure for this. I like the weeds in the front they add such a nice touch!

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