Monday, October 23, 2006

Time's Man of the year 1956

I know today is national holiday but didn't know what it was exactly about. Well, I certainly didn't plan to do this piece until we unexpectedly saw a small crowd paying their respects at this memorial. It motivated me in reading what happened 50 years ago ...

Time magazine's Man of the year 1956 was honoured to "Hungarian Freedom Fighters" and they certainly deserved it. For that year today, until Nov 10 , set off a chain of events which is now known as the Hungarian revolution. Lives were lost in the cause of freedom. 50 years on, freedom is no longer in question. IMHO, what the country needs is unity, to face the economic challenges ahead for better future.

Read more at Budapest DP and on wiki


Zsolt72 said...

I like your post kris. It seems you understand a lot from the local culture here.

dutchie said...

There has been quite some media coverage about the Hungary Freedom figths over here as the Netherlands took in a couple of thousands of refugees 50 yrs ago.

Lachezar said...

History always repeats itself, so it is good to remember.

I haven't seen this Time Magazine cover by the way, good on you to find it!

Mimmu said...

Thanks for your photo and your words. Finnish people love and understand Hungarians especially because of our own history.
Have a fine week, Kris!

Andrea said...

kris...great picture...I also spent sometime going threw your blog...great job, you have some amazing pictures...i liked the intreview w/eric...thanks

James said...

Krisz, thank you for bringing my attention to the anniversary. This is a very good recording of a memorial.

Kris said...

it was a pleasure doing it .

er..i think you mistaken me with Marie (??)

i have to learn more about finnish history in order to understand the relation between the two countries :)

i read a lot of people fled the country for fear of consequences of their action. It was fortunate that the entire european community gave the best support to the refugees :)

I am learning slowly day by day :)

Thank you all for your thoughts and for visiting!

truth is that was the highlight of my digging of info.

Lisi said...

good post Kris, yours and Budapest DP's photo gave me knowledge and thoughts about Hungary's contemporary history

tr3nta said...

love to see how life is around the world... good 'shots'... visit me, tell me what u think... bye...

Jing said...

um..hope you have the holidays for your national holiday!!
here we have at least 3 days during the national holidays.... :D

here, people are losing the interesting to celebrate the national holidays. i mean people just are happy for the long free days; people wont do anything unprompted to memory that historical period, those people who died during the revolution times... Before I dont realize this, after reading this photo...I find that the political situation in China is still different from yours...

Um...wont talk this. :) boring topic....:))

back...the photo is still great!!and i am always wondering why i cant take beautiful night view photos, esp. those beautiful light???

Jazzy said...

nice post, i've never heard of Hungarian Freedom Fighters, it's great the people still remember and pay respect to them.

oooo lucky you with the sunny weather... that's like a present for a mini holiday that you have =)

edwin s said...

To peace and love always.

wonderful shot and post Kris. Raya tomorrow! Yay!

Joan González said...

saludos desde Barcelona.


Carlos said...

Thanks for the information. A solemn picture with a heroic history behind. Great work.

Matthieu said...

I would have thought of everything but candles to celebrate that day !
Happy national holiday !

selana18 said...

You and Zsolt you have done great work today.Thanks for sharing.

With Zsolt you have a free invitation to taste the delicious Gyro of Athens.

Denton said...

Unity is an admirable goal. One that is hard to achieve but worth working for ... I like how well focused the photo is even with the candles in front.

grainofsand said...

you take very pictures that have a sensitive touch to them. great work.

Kris said...

Thanks! i guess i'm at the right place at the right time.

its getting harder by day!

thanks for the invite :) so, all meals on you? hahah..we are big eaters , you know?

exactly, i didnt expect it..

you know the drill, eat the kuih-muih, rendang, semua for me!

the forecast says the weather will continue to be sunny today. Dont be jealous ya!

yes, BORING! i think i'm one of them people who just care for the holidays and nothing else :)

sure..see u there!

same here .. its all new to me ,too ;)

Thank u all again for your visits!

Olivier said...

La photo est magnifique, tu as bien fait ressortir les lumieres, bravo

The photograph is splendid, you emphasized well the lights, cheer

Nathalie said...

Wonderful photo, and a moving remembrance of painful history.

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