Monday, October 02, 2006

The bear is staying

The bear, that's the nick name me & partner gave the mayor, ever since we realised that he was the bear mascot during one of the carnivals back in March. Well, yesterday we had our local election and he has been re-elected as the mayor of our town. So, I guess will see more of the bear in future.

ps. pls excuse the fuzzy photo .


Olivier said...

Avoir un ours comme maire c'est original.. Cela prouve que votre maire se sens bien, il ose. Bravo

Kris said...

it is absolute first for me to have mayor that dresses as mascot!

merci for your visit :)

Ben said...

"ps. excuse for the fuzzy photo "
No not at all! It's great photo! I like a lot!

Jazzy said...

your mayor is a winner, ours is good but this one is even happy to make a fun of himself - that's the spirit.

great photo =)

midnitebara said...

how nice and humble your mayor is!!
congrats to the bear!!

have a nice week!

Suzanne said...

The important part of the photo is in focus. The rest is ART! Your mayor looks very cuddly and well fed. May he do a good job for you all.

Kate said...

I'd like to see the mayor with the bear's head on, too! Kris, you are so faithful about visiting blogs. Nice to see your avatar when I open a comment page. Incidentally, is it a monk's robe??

Andrea said...

hi, It's been a while since my last've got some amazing pictures....I love how you've worked them...thanks for your visits...

zannnie said...

congrats to a wonderful Mayor you have there!



phlegmfatale said...

The guy in the bear suit is actually adorable - I'd vote for him, too! It's nice to see a politician who doesn't take himself too seriously.

Lisi said...

haha Kris, I do recognise Mr Mayor now...I guess he is of the Grizzly family judging by his "color" :-)

maiylah said...

he won??! yeheyyy! ;))

luggi said...

You seem to have a very nice mayor.

Zsolt72 said...

I like your new style with photos. Dont apologize are doing just simple great:)

Matthieu said...

He looks like friendly and seems to enjoy the role he is playing.
I am really found of muppets.

Kris said...

i think so he did. However there were negative criticsms from some party. Hey, i do like muppets as decor :)

not really new style ..heheh.

so far so good. he's been re-elected for the 4th time, i think.

i did shout "yey!" secretly :D

hahahaha..but i remember his wife was dressing as winnie the pooh! seriouly :D

to me as long as he is serious when come to serious matter its enough :)

dont mention it. i like some of the photos you've posted ,so its not a problem :)

hahahahahahahah.. gosh, is it that bad! if i remember correctly i was wearing long skirt, carrying my camera bag, hunching to take the shot .. :D

its the matter of self conciousness. am sure most people would love to try it , probably your mayor's adviser was against it, possibily?

just dont use the magnifying glass and thephoto will look fine :D

Thanks everyone for passing by :)

deji77 said...

A mayor in a bear suit! Very interesting. Though I wonder what the electorate would think in other parts of the world, particularly from where I'm from.
Really liking the blur/colour seperation around the subject, blends in really well.

Kala said...

the bear seems like a good bloak - hopefully he is just as good a mayor as he is a bear =)

sari said...

I was about to say too, that don't sorry at all, this little blur is fantastic! And the colours and the black-and-white... Wow! Fine shot!

And what a fun mayor you have!!


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