Wednesday, October 18, 2006


"Mums" are selling everywhere together with wreaths in preparation for All Saints Day. I think this nursery did a great job with the display, nearly all passers-by pause to take a moment to check around. They didn't forget to include a small number of carving pumpkins as children are learning to celebrate Halloween in recent years.


Jazzy said...

beautiful flowers all around and it's always nice to see pumpkins on display, i like american DPs at the moment because lots of them featuring colourful pumpkins, what a feast for the eyes.

i do like you to visit my country but since you like our traditional scarves when i get a chance i'll try to get you one.

John - Melbourne said...

Nicely done Kris, that's quite a display!

Zsolt72 said...

Halloween is very far from Hungarian culture. Just like Valentine Day. I like Halloween as an interesting foreign event like middle-autumn festival in China but I dont understand why they try to force it here.

All Saints is the traditional event we celebrate.With these wonderful flowers:)The cementaries will look WONDERFUL

Kris said...

Halloween is very much commercialised these days, its just another excuse to party?!

when i first visited the cemetery, I was so impressed with the various ways people here "decorate" the grave. It didnt have the haunting feeling of cemetery :)

in the US Halloween is done is big scale, seeing pumpkins around does cheer me up! Thank you for offering the scarf, but you shouldnt go through the trouble, ok :)

Thank you John, Jazzy, Zsolt :)

Jing said...

beautiful flowers i see in this photo! and for me, the Halloween is far from my culture. But it seems that its popular recently years.
Today I went to the supermarket,I saw those stuffs are sold, I mean those scared faces or pumpking ballooms...
I like the view you showed us, very colourful, not so scared~~
luv it.

Olivier said...

Très belle serre, et les fleurs sont superbes. On a envie en effet de s'arreter et faire une pause a regarder cette pepiniere.

Felicia said...

Nice display, I like mums too because they are colorful and last a long time. I can't wait for Halloween - no parties for me - it is a fun opportunity to see the little kids get dressed up!

Ruth said...

It's disturbing how U.S. culture is spreading around the world, but at least some of it is pleasant. Beautiful display.

Love your photos. I'm very impressed.

Thanks for stopping by ELDP.

Kate said...

The colours are beautiful. I love the scope of the photo, also giving us a good view of the garden.

Kris said...

the halloween masks are in the is getting popular, i think

the world is getting smaller..

mums is not my fave. but last year i bought one just for photo taking .since then I changed my mind. Its amazing with layers upon layers of petals :)

Thank you all for visiting!

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