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My knowledge on the town's past is as good as yours. That said, on occasions, when I do write about the history, it gives me a kind of satisfaction when doing the research (googling!!) , understanding things deeper as well as journal it down in DP for those who are interested.

The plaque you see is possibly the only trace of the existence of Jewish community in our town until about 1960. The memorial can be found outside the town's library which was formerly a synagogue.

For my future reference and anyone's who's googling ;-)
chronocology of events

1868-1872 blue print - completion of synagogue by architect, Knábe Ignác
until 1960 - the synagogue become vacant
1967 - town hall acquired the building for 3.6mil Ft
until 1992 - remained vacant until the retoration work to the roof began
1996 - town hall decides to use building for librabry
1998 - a new library was established
total cost of restoration 150mil Ft


Sally said...

A sad testament to history, indeed.

Jing said...

Like the light in your photo!!
Um..yes, you remind me some history of the Jews in Shanghai.I will post some photos later.

Olivier said...

J'adore l'histoire de villes, alors merci pour ce post.
Et depuis 1960, vous avez a nouveau des synagogues ?

susan said...

Despite not having a clue what this says, this is a beautiful shot. There is somthing about items that have survived that passage of time that really appeals to me. Nice shot.

Kala said...

interesting looking writing - looks very ancient!

Jazzy said...

that's a great document, it's pretty good preserved.

Zsolt72 said...

its very rare that you can find living jewish community in Hungary out of Budapest. So its a good job to find this Kris!
In 1944 600.000 jewish and gypsy people were deported to Auschwitz and in fact all the jewish communities disappeared from the country.Thats why a library is working in th synagogue I guess.:(

Ëarithranduil said...

The history of the cities is tortuous and for some times shady...
Also in Portugal the Jewish community was pursued per centuries.
Very a little it remains of their synagogues now.

Your picture reflects that history!

Kris said...

zsolt / earith,
that's the ugliest part of the history and shall remain a scar forever :( Hopefully we all have learnt from the mistakes..

they are facsinating scriptures. it is the mystery of the unknown that is so enchanting

since the Jewish community vacated the synagogue, the town acquired it then turned it into a library recently.

i'm glad it has inspired you to do a post soon :)

Thank u all for your feed back!

Kate said...

Thank you for posting this and reminding us, once again, of the sad aspects of human history. Not only is the photo wonderfully done, but it is a lovely memorial to all those who died.

dutchie said...

Indeed a very nice photo Kris.
Also enjoyed the 2 beneath with the special lens and your fire brigade one!

Denton said...

This is a wonderful post and exchange of comments about a very sad time in history.

luggi said...

It makes you wonder though, why it became vacant in 1960. In any case, a loss.

Anonymous said...

It's sad and beautiful. I hope the town works hard to preserve the library/former synagogue building.

maiylah said...

another sad part in a country's history...yes, hopefully all has learned from the past.
such a beautifully composed shot, Kris!

Daniel M. Perez said...

My Hebrew is not so good, but I'll try to get a translation of the text. Even though that's all that's left of the community, there is still a memory of it left, a memory that younger Jews like myself can use to empower our future. Very cool photo.

Juggerpix said...

That writing always looks so ancient and mysterious to me.

I love the weathering on it. I also love that you shot the picture to include the crack on the upper right hand side, it balances out well!

Lisi said...

HI Kris, a nice piece of history in your city. I've read some articles in recent years about the holocaust, new thinkings seem to see it less as mass murder by a group of bad guys, but an issue of how decent people turned bad...worth thinking about...

Kris said...

they are so many analysis ..yes, its definitely worth spending more time studying it.

i didnt spend much time composing when this shot was taken, I did crop a little :)

hey, you're back?
we would appreciate very much with the translated text. Thanks in advance :)

the answer is in Zsolt's comment which happen during WWII, in later years, i'm guessing nearly all Jewish have vanished from the town..i do wonder who did the sale transaction with the town hall. Perhaps with some Jewish assoc. ....

Thank you all for your exchange of thoughts :)

John - Melbourne said...

I think the bit on the right refers to some lovely photographic blog. Translates to :

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