Friday, October 06, 2006

Headlines delayed (Pt. 2 of 2)

.....continue from part 1

...after taking shots of the flowers, I moved away to my right, not bothering what's going-on on my left side where the 'garbage' truck was. I saw some other interesting subjects, so, I captured some shots in case I might use it for DP. After some minutes, I decided to return to my original waiting place, to my complete surprise .. this was happening

the assumed 'garbage' truck was actually fire engine!!! In fact they were 2 of them!! plus a police car! The whole rescue troop were about 5meters (17ft) away while I was snapping photos of flower?! what's wrong with me?! Thank goodness I'm not a reporter..geez -_-
Apparently the tenant of the flat forgot to switch off the gas. Luckily no one was hurt, thanks to our efficient Fire department.
There you go folks, small town headlines ;)
-the end-


twistedzero said...

ooh, exciting times! hehe! i'm glad no one was hurt.

-Raymond from Singapore

Jazzy said...

All's Well That Ends Well!

Olivier said...

Belle fin, et une bonne reaction de photographe journaliste.

selana18 said...

You are a really photoblog journalist!!!I am glad for the end.
And you make me lough a lot.
Have a nice weekend

Neorelix said...

I like the shot; the blog is looking great at the moment Kris.

sari said...

Like Olivier and Selana said.. Hey, you really are a good journalist! You shouln'd reveal us you didn't notice whole rescue troop first. ;)

10SC-Star said...

You should visit Dunafoldvar as well, it is not that far for you and it is definately a city to take some beautifull pictures.

I will make you a cup of coffee!

maiylah said...

whoa....good thing no one was hurt!!
hehe, guess this means that next time, you turn and look, Kris! ;))

Kris said...

Is dunafoldvar next to Danube river? that's er..about 140km! Thanks, anyway for the invite :)

i'm telling because that way i have more topics for this DP as its getting tougher! ;)

er..i was frustrated with myself for my blurry nature sometimes. Glad it made you!


Cheers & thanks all!
wish all of u a wonderful weekend ahead!

Zsolt72 said...

its nice that we have active firework departments...! but do you have any idea why is a must 4 policemen to watch how fireworks are working?:)

Anonymous said...

I love both the flower (color doesn't look fake to me) and the fire engine activity pictures. Good story, too. Thanks. Today I was driving, and several emergency vehicles buzzed past and then stopped under a bridge. I couldn't see any emergency, and couldn't stop to take pictures. But there sure were a lot of emergency vehicles in one spot. Too bad I wasn't out photographing flowers at the time.

Sally said...

You turn your back for a moment......

Jenny said...

How dramatic! Great catch, and glad nobody was injured!

Kris said...

i'm usually quite observant especially since joing DP ..that day, just dont know what happened ?? :D

hahaha..yes, that scenario happened many times to me! hearing the siren but not the actual emergencies!

i guess the policemen are just have nothing else to attend to ;)

thank you all for passing!

~tanty~ said...

Oh wow! Thanks God no one was hurt.

Kala said...

wow must have been pretty exciting for a small town - I wonder why they could not enter from the door - since there does not seem to be any raging flames. =)

Kris said...

the tenant of the flat was not at home. and accessing to the balcony is easier ..???

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