Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Birds' talk

*click on image to enlarge*
Bird #1 : Did you see the performance on tv yesterday?
Bird #2 : Which performance, left or right wing?

to understand what I'm talking about, read Budapest DP

I had planned to make some payments at the bank today, lets just hope the foreign exchange doesn't burn a hole in my pocket.. *sigh*

ps. Dear Maiylah, i finally snap a photo of sparrows! :)


zannnie said...

Great pose, these two sparrows did for u!

Thanks for popping by my DP :D
the old man can't be holding a glass, cos that small little packet is his medication :p

Olivier said...

bravo, belle photo, belle lumiere. sympa les moineaux qui se reposent sur le banc. (et encore bien vu ton logo)

cheer, beautiful photo, beautiful light. sympathetic the sparrows which rest on the bench. (and still well considering your logo)

tr3nta said...

hey kris... thank u for passing by... loved your other blogs photos and cooking r my passions too... will come often, hope u do the same, tell your friens i will tell mine... this is blogger, ¿NO?...

Jazzy said...

so delightfull Kris.

sun is good for everyone i hear ;)

Zebigleb said...

Long time without coming here, it was an error very nice new stuff and great pictures.
I'll come back soon !

maiylah said...

hey, you finally posted them! they do look kind of different from our sparrows here, don't they? just slight differences.
beautiful shot, Kris! congratulations! they look adorable!
~and flighty! :)

Nathalie said...

Brilliant! The details in the birds expressions are fabulous, and so is the texture of the wooden bench!

Kate said...

Love the dialogue, and the photo is wonderful--esp the light!

Bill said...

Fun picture! I suspect politics is much the same all over. I am beginning to tire of both sides.

Jing said...

great story for the photo!!its a great works~~
I like the way you explain something in this peaceful way, in this colourful and bright way...

Zsolt72 said...

Kris..you always surprise me! Were did you learn this gentle style..and this sense of making people reading between the lines?:)

Joan González said...

son amigos???

salut. Joan

John - Melbourne said...

Very cute little shot Kris, well done.

Sorry I haven't visited in a little while, I've been busy. Caught up on all I missed now, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Sparrows seem to spending nice chatter time, the photo is giving a smile.
By the way, your layout is, what I have been looking for. It seems to be like from Wordpress, I can not get home, RSS and so on into the upper part of the layout as nicely as you do here in Blogger, but you have ...blogspot? It is the best and clearest situation of all stuff from the site panel. Perhaps I will find the way during this winter:)
Nice day to you, Kris!

Gerald England said...

Beautiful shot of sparrows.

I have birds visiting the rose bush outside my window but until a couple of days ago I never got a clear photo as they are very quick and are gone before I can focus.

Now the leaves are falling off I managed one recently. Will post it either on Hyde DP or my new blog Ackworth born soon.

Kris said...

that happened to me countless time. I'm sure you feel the satisfaction as I did when finally you get to capture them on cam. :)

glad that it made you smile. As for your queries, I do not know how to add the folders myself. I shall email you a couple of links which provide wordpress look-alike themes for your tweaking.

No worries. DP visiting can be very time consuming. Do it only when you're free.

heheh..espero tan!!

simply because me and partner already debated what happened on streets of Bp ;) Also, as a foreigner, I have diff views and impact on me .

peace to all!

it is very tiresome. We can keep on criticising but nothing will happened unless words are put into action. which is also a dangerous act..whats the solution?

while i love your new profile pix. Very cheery ;)

Hey, i too was happy with how the texture of the bench turned out .

the big headed sparrow? hehehe..I'll check the link in a moment ;)

nice to see you too!

hmmm..i didnt see the medication. I must return to find out more ;)

Thank you all for visiting!

grainofsand said...

Wow, this is such a pretty picture.

perle de rosée said...

How lovely are these little birds! I love birds very much !

miss tango in her eyes said...

awww...they´re so sweet!

Ackworth Born said...

my bird photo is now up on http://ackworthborn.blogspot.com

Carlos said...

Nice birdies capture. I like the pink tones and the detail. Besides, it is amazing how you manage to hide the signature in the photos.-)

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