Thursday, May 03, 2007

Made in the UK

In Szentes there are quite a number of retail shops that advertise their shop front with UK and/or German flags. If you don't mind out of season fashion and you want value for money quality clothing, then why not shop here?
But someone told me that the clothings /accessories are in fact 2nd hand..hmmm, well if it is in good condition, why not recycle it, right?

Gerald of
Hyde DP raised an interesting issue on 2nd-hand clothing. Read it in the comment box to find out more.


Gerald England said...

interesting -- 2nd-hand or "seconds"
"seconds" are just clothes with some minor imperfections which manufacturers sell off at reduced prices, but they're still new.

We donate old clothes to charity shops and we'll also buy clothes there too. There has been some controversy in the UK concerning bogus charities who have collected donated clothes and then gone on to sell them at a profit either in this country or Eastern Europe.

Kris said...

From my experience in this particular shop, i believe they are 2nd-hand and not "rejects". Cant comment on the others, as I never been inside and they are no clear sign to validate that.

Thank you for raising the issue on the controversy. I have read about it but did not connect the dots to the shops in Szentes tho..hmmm..I certainly hope the merchandise are "genuinely" obtained..

magiceye said...


Anonymous said...

There is a list of bogus charities on the Internet. There are several in fact. One tells the exact percentage that goes to the charity and what they keep for collecting the money. You can do a search for list bogus charities.

Second hand anything is best used rather than thrown out. Our landfills are filled with waste and we are not dead yet and may have to return to them to get something to wear.

Poulet S.A. said...

For some reason, I'd never shop at the 2nd hand shop Kris, but always donated our clothes for those who needs them.
BUT I always shop at the Factory Outlet. It's nice to get good quality clothes in cheap prices! :))

maiylah said...

i see "B" again! :))
have to agree with some of the comments above, Kris, about the controversy ... i think some of the "second-hand" clothing being sold here are obtained through sleazy means ... :(

Jing said...

the colour of the photo is nice...
and your model worked again..

shanghai daily photo

Kris said...

maiylah / Poulet,
hmmm..was at another city yesterday, such a shop is everywhere! where do they get so much supplies? am getting very suspicious. Anyway, I dont shop there either, been inside once :)

my model is very hard working..hahah

thanks for the info. on the list!!

Thanks all for stopping by!

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