Saturday, May 05, 2007

Farewell '07

Do you remember your highschool farewell? Mine was ermm.....ten plus years ago! And nothing as big-of-a-deal as how students celebrate here, which happens today.
Was out to get some perisable in the morning, the streets were buzzling with parents and relatives escoting their sons/daughters with bouquets in hand. You can tell how proud and what a happy day it was for them.

The photo - I think they are no year book, instead each graduating class designs a board which is displayed on shop windows around town. This is my fave design.


magiceye said...

a day of joy and sorrow....
interesting display!

Felicia said...

I like the display too. Congratulations to the graduates! I guess you can look forward to a high school reunion?

Poulet S.A. said...

Cute disply.
I still remember Kris, though it's loooong time ago! ;))LOL LOL

Istvan said...

Yeah, this is a vey Hungarian custom. I am wondering if any other country has anything similar. Not in the US as far as I can tell.

After graduation the boards are displayed in the hallways of the school for generations to see.

Last year we just had a reunion in HMG. We took ours back into our old classroom and had fun comparing ourselves to those on the board...

denton said...

Where I grew up high school reunions are very popular. I grew up in a very small town in Texas where to this day in July the town shuts down for a weekend for party after party celebrating honored classed. The 10 year reunion everyone wants to see who has made a success of themselves, the 20 year reunion everyone wants to prove they are still kids and they drink too much, finally on the 30, 40, and 50 year reunions people finally seem to enjoy themselves.

Kris said...

Good to hear finally the people understand what reunion is all about :)

yes, the first time i saw the boards, i thought its some kind of competition. I think its certainly more fun then a year book, because I dont even know where's mine gone to :D

noticed i put ten "plus" ? 'cos didnt want to reveal my age ..haahahah

funny thing is back home it is up to the individual class to hold the reunion or not. Funnily no one in my class took the initiative to organise one ... ?

Thank you all for visiting !

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