Saturday, May 26, 2007

#355 - Summer of 2007

Here's a feel of the summer to come. These girls are already creating memories. They'd still remember the time they spent at this spot. On the other hand, hopefully this wooden platform would still be around :) Do you remember your last summer?

Wish you a wonderful weekend!

ps. due to last min. changes to plan, am rushing again -_- read your comments and posts later!


Anonymous said...

It is a nice photograph and the arch in the bridge is very nice too. Is that something built by the Romans?

I just discovered a earlier that two baby robins have left the nest. Or one is still there. I have photographed those and will show them on Monday.

Birds in their bath today at
Brookville Daily Photo

dijah said...

I don't remember.We don't have summer here but anyway,I just watch the news to know what weather it is over there.

RamblingRound said...

A great view through the arch. Have a wonderful weekend and summer!

Dsole said...

oh that's a lovely photograph!
I remeber my last summer, I had such a great time with my friends... sumemr are always funny... it's coming soon! thank you for remind it to me!

photowannabe said...

Nice framing of the picture Kris. The picture gives a feeling of joy and freedom.
Last summer we went to Haiti and Nicaragua and spent lots of time with the grandkids. A wonderful time.

Mandi said...

Lovely photo. Does it get quite hot there in summer?

Zsolt said...

the hot is really crazy in Hungary nowdays!

Bergson said...

I well would make a dive in this river

magiceye said...

superb capture!

Kris said...

sorry, i didnt check for the you got me interested ;)

thanks for your documents of the birds, its been fascinating to see their growth through your writing!

be my guest, although its not allowed :D

as Zsolt said its nuts!! summer its not official and we're already hitting the 30s mark :s

yeah, can be agitating without an a/c !!

wow, sounds great! would you be revisiting again this summer?

its nice isnt it? just to refresh our minds what happened last years or years before :)

usually the view are empty, the movements and liveliness attracted me instantly.

monsoon is equivalent to autumn, i'd say summer is about the same time there? idea,too :D

Thank you all for your visits!

Kala said...

every summer is special for me - I love summers - maybe a little tad more than winters and it goes by so fast it is like a blur! I am happy when i see ppl enjoy summers like I do

~tanty~ said...

I love summer but I think I like spring more :) It's not too hot and not too cold. Just cool :)
Nice photo Kris.

Mandy said...

What a lovely scene

lv2scpbk said...

I like the bridge and it's a nice photo the way you framed it.

Kris said...

kala / Tanty,
truth is i prefer spring-like summer!

thank you all for your visits!

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