Friday, May 25, 2007

#354 - Staring game

was standing outside the garage. A man not far away said loudly (i think to me) "Két bagoly van a fán! Innen jobban látszik! "

me : ??? *signs* me no speak Hungarian

moments later....oh, i SEE.

Seriously, whenever I look at the photo i want to laugh.






Adorable, isn't it? Looks more like a stuffed toy though...
ps. Got to go, be back later


Olivier said...

tres bon la photo ;o) (bon j'avoue que je comprends mal le hongrois ;o) )
Je te souhaite un bon weekend

very good the photograph ;O) (good I acknowledge that I understand Hungarian badly ;o) ) I wish you a good weekend

Abraham Lincoln said...

Oh you are so lucky to see this small owl staring down at you. Owls are hard to spot in daylight. We have the tiny screech owls here in Ohio and two are usually around here. Nice photograph.

Today, the final pictures of the series, A Day in the Life of a Robin, is online. I couldn't decide which picture to use. I hope you get to see them.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville Daily Photo

alice said...

An insomniac owl?

lv2scpbk said...

Nice shot. I really like looking at birds and other animals.

dijah said...

Its so cute.The face is so puffy,I feel like I can squeeze it!

Happy weekend Kris.

magiceye said...

staring hard at you and asking....have we met before?

lovely capture!

Lisi said...

it is absolutely adorable...very cute and I wonder what it is doing in broad daylight? or is this one a day owl instead of night owl?? :-)

Emily Lin said...

It's so cute.. actually looks a bit dumb :p I've seen an owl before too, a white one. But couldn't see it clearly, because it flew away right after I noticed it. :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this bird's look made me laugh as well! I imagine it saying "Hallo!" in voice of Mr. Bean :D
Would love to have a high res picture of this owl.

Karlis of RigaDailyPhotos

richard said...

Priceless expression. (I liked the post about the maize barn)

denton said...

Great capture. Yes the owl does look like a toy. I assumed their eyes were only that large at night so they could see.

photowannabe said...

It really is cute. I am glad you could capture a shot of it in the daylight. those eyes are amazing..

Lavenderlady said...

Ha, ha. he made me chuckle too!

Kris said...

still works for me,too!

oh, it made my day! they were 2 actually. are they baby owls?

i have no idea. mystic!


the white ones are the most elegant, right?

your comment make me chuckle !!!

i believe i return the question by a smile!!

haha..may be there's a battery inside somewhere :o

me too! they fascinate me :)


i do consider myself lucky when come to photo opportunities :)

oh, impressive! so you at least understand some?

thank you all for your amusing comments, made me chuckle even more!!

Kala said...

what a great capture but i admit, it would scare me to see one looking at me like that since i do not see Pueo's like this too often - Pueo is hawaiian for Owl =)

Lessie said...

Fabulous. Love that you engaged in such a fun and "photographic" game!

Holly said...

Wow, are owls not usually nocturnal? Fantastic shot as usual!

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