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#338 - 36 types of pizza to choose from

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Haven't had a meal at Venezia for a while now, simply because pizzas are not high on my craving list plus I prefer to make my own tiramisu . But the place is definitely worthy of a visit, especially since yesterday we discovered their very erős (spicy) pepperoni pizza, very satisfying for my personal tastebuds..for that I have an excuse to call for a delivery or visit them more often. So the question of the day - do you have a fave. pizza place?

Venezia Pizzéria
12-14, Szent Imre Herceg Street

oh, forgot to mention that the wonderful murals were commissioned by local art studio Holt pont. Also, my personal model asked to clarify that is not him in the photo but a customer ;)


Anonymous said...

We order pizza here and choose cheese because of the taste and nutrition. It is always good. The first pizza I ever saw and tasted was in Japan in 1953. A long time ago. And it was a cheese pizza.

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Dina said...

mmmm i love pizza...

Sally said...

I'm a bit so-so about pizza. Like cruchy crust ones, and don't like them too greasy! And I like "modern" toppings like feta cheese, artichoke hearts and other bastardisations!

Jing said...

the wall is so wonderful....
its like facing another city if seat there.

well, no problem.
we know who is much more handsome...

shanghai daily photo

RamblingRound said...

The murals are wonderful! As for pizza, we have the usual Pizza Hut and Dominoes chains, but our local spot is called Mutt's Pizza and Wings. And plain old cheese is my favorite...after that - everything on it.

Olivier said...

superbe, tu fais concurence au DP de venise ;o). manger devant cette peinture murale cela doit etre agreable, j'espere qu'il y a la musique qui va avec.

superb, you make concurence with the DP of Venice ;o). to eat in front of this mural that must be pleasant, I hope that it there with the music which goes with.

marie6 said...

really like the mural,it transports you to another place. Mine & hubby's fave pizzeria is "Ir-rokna" in St.Julians, he loves the Pepperoni but I always order the Calzone (a closed pizza with plenty of mozzarella and ham .

magiceye said...

in mumbai our fav pizza place is 'smokin joe's'

angela said...

Great murals. I wouldn't mind eating here..
I'm a pizza fan and I'll eat it anywhere. I do have a preference for wafer thin crusts and no grease.
Favourite..Napolitaine, anchovies..yummy

zentmrs said...

Great shot of the mural!

Love pizza - and am particular about the sauce. My favorite in San Diego is Filippi's Pizza Grotto.

Now I've a got a craving for pizza....

Curly said...

I enjoy pizza Kris and just around the corner we have a pizzaria which cooks using a woodstove, smells delicious. Unfortunately I am on a very strict diet now!

alice said...

It reminds me of these boards in front of osterias in Venezia where it was written: " We are Italian but pizza is not a Venetian speciality, so order something else!"

Seda said...

Wow! Lovely wall!

Kris said...

must be nostalgic for u whenever you get to order cheese pizza now :)

:) modern toppings - that's first for me ..mmmm, i have some feta cheese left over, you have me ideas!

hey, that customer is handsome too!

it is a wonderful ambience, best of all its quite relaxing,too. since you mentioned it, i didnt
notice any music..hmmm

oh, yeah, mozzarella..i'm drooling talking about all this ingredients.

smokin joe' it a franchise?

you and Sally like thin crust while what i cant refuse is the cheese-filled crust!

hope you get your dose at filippi's for dinner ;)

everyone is on strict diet! no harm indulging once in few months, right?

hahahahah..thanks for sharing! they do serve pasta, soups which for the true venetian!

thank you all for stopping by!

Kala said...

california pizza kitchen!!! =)

Fabrizio ikol22 said...

Well, first of all what Alice noticed in Venice was probably written in honest restaurant 'cause pizza born in Naples (in Venice you can mostly to taste good fish).

Then let me completely disagree with pizza with ANY sort of ingredient in it. The *real* italian pizza is made ONLY by:
- mozzarella
- S.Marzano tomatos
- extra virgin oil
- basil
and cooked in a woodstove 20 / 25 min at 450 / 485 Celsius degree.

Everything else in it may like but it doesn't deserve to be called "pizza". Last but not least it doesn't compromise ANY diet ;-) also because it's is matter of "Mediterranean diet"

Fabrizio ikol22 said...

I'm sorry I mispelled time of cooking: not more than 60 / 90 sec. Sorry again.

isabella said...

Kala is right - California Pizza Kitchen is the closest to my favorite place, which is - my own kitchen!
I make my own thin crust (sorry Kris!) and top it with roasted chicken, roasted garlic and fire roasted sweet peppers...

Istvan said...

CPK is not half bad, kala,... Nice mix of cultures. Where else can you get Thai chicken pizza?
In the Bay Area Zachary's is the absolute best. It is worth the occasional 30-60 min wait during peak hours.
My fav is spinach mushroom, deep dish.

Nice photo!!

Will have to try that spicy pepperoni at Venezia. I like the gnocchi there, just ask for half sauce and half cheese, otherwise they are too overpowering.

Kris said...

30-60 min. wait? that must be one hell of delish pizza!
ooh...spinach and mushroom, very healthy :D

ok, will try the gnocchi next time..that could be half year later !

sorry for? hahah..i admire you take the time to prepare the dough. Dough is the one thing i dislike preparing in the kitchen. ^-˘

Noted, and thanks for the recipe ;) "unfortunately" from my where i'm from, we're spoilt by "fancy" toppings. So, when we finally get to taste the authentic ones, its a bit less exciting seeing the simple ingredients. of course, the taste is fresh, natural and even better! :)

can even count the number of times i been to California Pizza Kitchen..not to memorable for me..hahhaha

Thanks all for your interesting feedbacks!

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