Wednesday, May 16, 2007

#345 - Just another day for u and me

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Life, oh life
Oh life, oh.. life...
do do do do

She's not homeless, just scouring for some usable items..


Jing said...

i like the shadow...
i like its framing...
i like

great photo.


Olivier said...

un sujet tres dur, et pas evident a traiter. ta photo est tres explicite, un resume des problemes de la vie

a very hard subject, and not obvious A to treat. your photograph is very explicit, a summary of the problems of the life

The Salems said...

Hi Kris
Thanx for your visit..yes he's going to be a tallish boy...
i kinda like this photo of someone re-cycling someone else's un-want-ables..

""One mans rubbish is another mans treasure or in this case one womans.""

Bleeding Orange said...

Difficult subject, yes I agree with Olivier. And well treated.

Emily Lin said...

Nice shot, Kris! And I agree with Oliver too.

And Kris are you mean that you want to pull the curtain down for this site as soon as you've reached the 365th?

Thanks for the visits. Well, Redang is not bad though but Perhentian is more relaxing and less polluted. Oh.. and it's good for couple too :p

dijah said...

nice shot kris.

are you pulling the curtain down as emily said?

magiceye said...

c'est la vie!

ohle said...

....excellent framing

Anonymous said...

I like your photograph and the cast shadows. The person you mentioned is almost incidental to the overall picture. There but not necessary.

photowannabe said...

Great light and shadows.
I hope she found some useful "treasures". Its the ultimate recycling. Great shot Kris and i will really miss your posts if you pull the curtain down on my glimpse into Hungary.

Carlos said...

Great capture. I like the top view and the absurd resemblance with a car.

Kate said...

Somewhere along the line I missed the significance of "it's just another day..." It's NEVER just another day--each one is a gift, and I consider myself lucky when I wake up each morning!!

Zsolt said...

the owner of the black car may take some driving lessions:)))or maybe he/she was in a hurry!

Kris said...

that could have me parking ;)

well, the title was inspired by phil colin's "another day in paradise". signifying that we're lucky that we dont see other's misfortune :)

yes, my thought exactly ultimate recycling! you'd be surprise of what she found.

I should be starting DP of another city after settling down..hope you'll be around :)

i heard a bang on the dustbin and captured the shot intentionally. Its another side of our wonderul life :)

Dijah / Emily,
as replied to photowanabe, i should have a new city to report..quite excited actually!

when i was in Redang it was still quite raw gem for the tourist. Not sure about it now tho.

The salems,
hear hear!

Olivier /Bleeding orange,
it is very much part of our daily life..

Thank you all for stopping by!

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