Sunday, May 06, 2007

#335 - Almost

View out the window last night, almost caught the lightening...

Wish u Happy Sunday, and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!


dijah said...

is that the raindrops Kris?Nice shot!

Sally said...

LOL! You couldn't have chosen a more elusive subject!

Anonymous said...

It looks like drops of rain or snow. I think it must be rain. It is a postcard photograph or could be a mystery novel cover shot. I really like it. You must celebrate Mother's Day a week early. Here, where I live, Mother's Day is next Sunday.

Brookville Daily Photo
I am anxious for you to see the Rose-Breasted Grosbeak that came to Brookville, Ohio yesterday. It is the first one I have seen since we moved here 44 years ago.

Jing said...

a very beautiful night glimpse, and those spotted "light" let me think of the moon and the stars which we can share with mom wherever we are.

love this one

shanghai daily photo

Dsole said...

and this is so great, kris!!
I think of the moon and stars too

Z said...

I like it! And I hope for your sake that it's not snow... I've only once experienced a snow shower with lightning. That was a bit strange.

Villigen CH

Steve Buser said...

totally unique. The rain, the looming clouds over the warm city lights.

Kate said...

It's a lovely nocturnal photo; who needs lightening for a good shot?! Actually, it's gotta be hard to capture.

magiceye said...

nice vibrant shot!

Tara said...

I hope it wasn't too stormy! Nice shot, and Happy Mother's Day to you! We will celebrate Mother's Day in the US next Sunday..

Bill said...

Lightning required patience...A long shutter speed helps as well :)

denton said...

I also have tried to capture a lighting strike with no luck. Part of the problem is Greenville does not have a lot of lighting. While my memories include thunder storms in Texas with so many lightning strikes it would be impossible to miss a lighting strike if you took multiple random photos.

Zsolt said...

it really looks like snow..first I got scared that winter is coming:)

Kris said...

zsolt, seems like we're in autumn :s

lately whenever it rains, we have a few minutes of partner always stopped me from getting the shot 'cos of the risk involved

my cam. can't handle long shutter speeed..its terribly noisy :(

Abraham / Tara,
erm, back home we celebrate next week as well -2nd sunday of may

you heard Bill..have patience ;)

i see it as a photo opportunity, and worried about the strangeness later ;)

Jing / Dsole,
am still waiting for sky full of stars and rainbows and and ...

anything goes :D

yes, it is rain..and some marks on my lense!!

Thanks all for stopping by! :)

Chris & Deb said...

lightning is incredibly hard to photograph! First you must be brave, then you must be very very very very patient!
Nice shot!

richard said...

You have to be darned quick with that lightning stuff.

(Apologies for not commenting recently, but I've been out of action)

Kris said...

I'm brave and have the patience. Its my partner who doesnt allow me to risk it :)

omment when as and when you wish, its not a problem..i'd do the same

Thanks again!

Keropok Man said...

how interesting to celebrate mother's day one week earlier than in Asia. :-)

like the red window. stands out in the photo

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