Tuesday, May 08, 2007

#337 - Human nature

Yesterday 07/05/07
These days I no longer care about the curious stare(s) I get when I squat or kneel when snapping my subjects..well, they just remain stares. This time from far away 2 kids saw my strange behaviour, they pulled their dad to where we were because the toddlers thought I was walking my tiny pet due to my squating position. They wanted to see what kind of pet I have :D . We told the father that I was just photographing the sky which he replied - "oh, interesting.." with a not-so-impressed face ..hahahaha .. such a day reminds me of the joy of doing DP!

FYI, the vibrant yellow new built on the far right is what most modern apartments look like .. what kind of trend is happening in your city/town?


Nathalie in Sydney said...

Kris your story really made me laugh! Our modern apartment blocks look very square, very different to this. And the "in" colour is a couple of feature walls, preferably in the aubergine, prune type of colour.

Kuanyin said...

Great colors for apartments, especially with the backdrop of the clouds. Most of our apartments on Maui aren't painted bright--they are painted with pastel colors.

Jing said...

a wonderful shot.
well, i need learn from you, dont care they stare if i want to catch the moment i want.

luve this photo very much, as always.

shanghai daily photo

well, its not boring to wear the earthly tone. :)) Its a hard time to think how to match the shoes with clothes or clothes match the shoes for me!! I like wear white in summer. winter, hm, black!!

Kate said...

The sky looks dark and foreboding, but the brightly coloured building offers a dramatic contrast. Construction on new homes here has slowed because the market for real estate is not very robust. There are far more condos being built than either homes or apartments.

Fernando said...

Great contrast.

lv2scpbk said...

Nice shot of the sky and buildings. People do you at you funny when taking photos sometimes. My husband says; "Isn't there anything you won't take a picture of?" I reply, "No". You start to look at things different just to get that shot.

Anonymous said...

Well, you certainly got a fabulous photograph. The contrast between the roof and the dark sky is remarkable. The composition, with the red roof on the right side and the empty space to the left with the oncoming clouds, dark, threatening, is fantastic. I think your work on this picture is, as I said, "fabulous." I envy you, your subjects, as I am left with flat farm land, growing crops and delapidated buildings, for the most part, so I choose the animals who live here with me. Ha ha. And thank you for all your visits to my place.

I hope you can come and learn about my being able to finally fly.

Bill said...

Love the sky!

The trend in Delta is stucco siding in tans, pinks, and browns.

~tanty~ said...

Oh Kris, I really like this photo. Great contrast!

magiceye said...

superb photograph.... the prize for doing what you want without bothering about people staring! lovely!
used to bother me too..
now i dont know coz i dont care!

Olivier said...

superbe photographie. ce ciel et cette lumiere est vraiment magnifique. de quoi faire un tres beau panorama

superb photography. this sky and this light are really splendid. what to make a very beautiful panorama

richard said...

I like it when you get the contrast between bright lit buildings and dark stormy skies.

NB I have some problems accessing your site (Firefox/MAC/OSX) - do you want me to send you a screen shot?

alice said...

What a sky!

In Brittany, most of the houses are white with a roof made of slates, there are rules about the colors which can be chosen by owners. About apartments, many buildings have a flat roof like they were in seventies. Now, the new ones have a real roof, like those on your shot, and I think it's better. To buy a house or an apartment in Vannes or Arradon is VERY expensive and many young people have to go far away to be able to do it...

Kalyan said...

WoW...a wonderfully captured & composed shot!

Chris & Deb said...

oooh you're so right! all the stares and the not-so-obvious whispers are what make what we do so fun!
Wonderful photo! I'm so glad you and your 'pet' camera stopped to capture the moment!

GMG said...

Beautiful colours, fantastic contrst, impressive sky... Great shot!

james said...

Who wouldn't want to photograph the sky?!
And the jarring yellow is actually rather nice (am I totally wrong here)....I suppose it all depends on the context.

Anonymous said...

I agree with opinions of others about your picture and this modern building
is so splendid compared with our new "box houses". this house has got a spirit of old times.

エスタ said...

nice! am such a fan of moody skies! love this one! am often caught on my belly, or crouched pracairously....who cares what people think! ☆ some very cool apartments springing up around here, they have started taking more influence from europe....must photograph some soon...

Kris said...

aubugine shades would be my choice as well if we renovate!

if i observed correctly, yellow seems to be a sought after colors in Hungary. Therefore when i see other colors like pastel green or beige , its really refreshing!

good point with the shoes, Jing. You'll need a decent collection of shoes colors if your outfits tend to be more than 2 colors..which is so not me :D

perhaps condos give better return of investments? since its larger complex

haahah..we just cant help it, you see a thing and you thought of the pontential and etc etc etc :D

our land are as flat as can be! envy? vice versa :)

as long as not all that colors on one building!

we should get a t-shirt printed with *stare all u want!*

conincidence we were out for walk when the sky turned cloudy real quickly. i had a field day!

i tested in firefox, aside from out of alignment at the side bar, it look alright. But do send me, please..thanks!

that's interesting info. on the roof and about the restriction of colours. Probably that's why yellow shades are normally used here.

About prices, tell me about it! in our small town, the prices are compatible with the larger ones. So, there're limited choice for first time buyer :(

hahah..my "pet" enjoys the attn. it get :p

when there's nothing to photograph, look up at the sky!

i agree that "boxes" can be very unattractive. However, I find that flats made of containers not only look functional and great way to recycle..so i wouldnt mind living it one :)

yamagata shi,
oh, i'm sure the Japanese would come up with some inspiring design..looking forward to it!

thanks all for visiting!

Fabrizio ikol22 said...

A part houses (in Italy they are condo in cities and small houses in towns), what I really like most in thos photo are those three elements able to grant a *wonderful* photo. Grass, in first side; houses in background (horizon line); sky, with such notable clouds heavy of rain. This is a 3d photo !

maiylah said...

hahaha ... i sometimes get curious stares, too ... sometimes i feel sooo self-consciouse, and sometimes not. still, i wish they wouldn't stare. LOL

love the dramatic effect on this shot, Kris!

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