Thursday, March 01, 2007

DP Theme Day : Men at work

Men hard at work...NOT! Well, perhaps waiting for the chief to give the orders ?
See men at work around the word *wink*
Due to time zone differences and other factors, the theme photo may not be displayed until later if you are viewing early in the day.
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Chris & Deb said...

Definitely Men Not At Work!
Amusing how they're all lined up. BINGO!!

Lessie said...

Great photo! A lot of men WAITING to work! Ha! :)

Kris said...

Chris & Deb,
i didnt know until i uploaded the shots, BINGO, indeed!

there're always someone "waiting" as I see it :D

thanks both for your visit :)

Michael said...

Absolutely fantastic photo! All lined up and the little Szentes Daily Photo graffiti on the wall is the perfect touch!

Eric said...

Even if then don't really work it's a brilliant photo Kris, brilliant.

isabella said...

Lol! And did you notice each of them is wearing a different colored hard hat? It's like a macho fashion shoot ;-)

Terra-Vecchia said...

ca c'est la classe tu est de retour et en plus avec un clichés trés sympathique, la classe tous simplement...

james said...

I love it! It's like a construction worker's Brady Bunch opening...

jonemo said...

Great, this picture really made my evening. Did you actually ask them to stand in one line or are they reaching things up level by level?

santy said...

The shot cracked me up, Kris! Great catch! I think the guy in Chris's Newcastle DP needs to teamed up with these men! LOL!

Jing said...

welcome back,Kris

and those workers look like doing some fashion hard hat show.....:P
nice and great shot!!!


denton said...

This looks like a posed photo. It is very symmetrical in how they progress from left to right.

Keropok Man said...

Kris, you are back!

The colour of the helmets are different! Reminds me of the boardgame, snakes and ladders. hehe..

p/s: Hope you enjoyed your Yee Sang too.

Ravenchase Junkie said...

Hysterical! Great shot.

Here, different color hard hats tell what you are. For example, someone wearing a white hard hat on the site is an engineer.

slinger said...

this is a fantastic photo. It's almost as if they posed for the shot.

Zsolt72 said...

ohh Kris, I am so happy that you are back:) And what a great (re)start!
do you instrued them? or its just an accident that they create a composition?

Sally said...

Oh, tell me it's a theatre piece, and you are the director!! Brilliant.

alice said...

Great photo! In France, we are used to say: one who holds the paintbrush, one who holds the paint pot, one who holds the wall (i am not sure of my English words but in French, they make rhymes);-)

~tanty~ said...

Excellent shot Kris!
Apa kabar?

lynn said...

Very amusing!

Kris said...

khabar baik! :)

hehehe..know what you mean, there's a similar saying here!

yup, i wish i could shout "cut", and "action" again!

thanks, zsolt! i was zooming and taking them discreetly.. cant really see what their doing and quite amuse to see the "work" :D

have no idea with the color Zsolt mentioned in his post, i guess all of them were supervisors or engineers!

oh yes..i love that game. Still plays it with my niece once in a while :) Btw, the yee sang was satisfying ..yum!

they'll make a great team!!

it was candid :)

James, your interpretation :)

Like the broadway version of full monty :o

Thanks again all for stopping by :)

Nathalie said...

Kris this is stupendous!

Just getting one man per level like that is incredible and as you remarked, they're definitely not working that hard at the moment! Fun !

The composition is EXCELLENT!

Anonymous said...

Standing around, not even looking busy, is what most American workers do who work for the telehone companies and the electric power companies. They seem to delight in not doing anything. Either that or one is actually working and ten are just standing around watching the guy work. Amazing.

Dsole said...

yeah, I like it very much too!
Who needs to run? ;)

Jilly said...

Great photo! Looks like a work of art that you designed.

Thanks so much for visiting my two DP blogs yesterday.

Jilly x

Olivier said...

de retour, c'est sympathique. Bravo, elle est superbe cette photo, tres amusante, avec ce mouvement j'adore. en b&w on pourrait se croire dans un vieux film burlesque.

it is back sympathetic nerve. Cheer, it is superb this photograph, very amusing, with this movement I adore. in b&w one could believe oneself in an old burlesque film.

Victoria said...

I simply adore every thing about this photo, from the way they are all in a line to the crooked scaffolding! I especially love how they are all waiting in their own way! This may be my favorite so far today.

Ming_the_Merciless said...

How on earth did you get the guys to line up soooo perfectly??? I love this photo.

Gerald England said...

come back more often
enjoyed the photo
and reading the comments

not a lot to add now.

Kuanyin said...

Beautiful photo!

Helen said...

I love the way they appear to be stacked! Awesome shot!

Lachezar said...

What a catch! Fabulous!

Well, well done


Kris said...

your comment is poetic ;)


i didnt try with b/w. Will do that when i'm free :)

after checking other's men at work, that seems to be the worldwide practice!!

Thanks again all!

Kala said...

this is so crazy - howd you even get to get all the guys lined up like that!! It looks sooooo neat how you took this - timing was imbecable!

Fabrizio ikol22 said...

As said by many here, I really like this photo. It's amusing but the best thing it's the photograph's "eye" able to catch it

maiylah said...

LOL ... wonderful catch, Kris!!

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