Friday, March 02, 2007

People, revisited

Anyone of you recognised her?
Was waiting outside the library and this industrious woman cleaning her balcony caught my attention. In my mind I thought what is she doing outside in this windy weather, it was VERY chilly. Then, I recognised that she was the exact woman I featured in this blog a year ago (Link) ! How nice to see her again :)

*the stripes on the wall were weak shadow which i enchanced with photofilter.


backpack_everyday said...

Hey kris,

U r back..
thats nice.

Jing said...

how could take such a beautiful photos about the balcony???
The balconies here look messy.....


Zsolt72 said...

i just hope you can take photos of her every year for very long:)

Anonymous said...

She is your old friend, it`s good to see, that she is well :)

Nice time to you and very good weekend!

Dave said...

Very cool shot- The color and the little old lady on her patio!!!

Kris said...

thanks, its good to be back!

Jing, balcony is messy!

fingers crossed ;)

to me she looks skinnier..

Thanks all for your visits!

Lachezar said...

Soviet era apartments aren't they?
Great photo from you as usual. The crisp light, the sunny patches, the old woman on the balcony...


Kala said...

strange coincidence but a great capture - hope she has a family to make sure she is ok

Gerald England said...

Beautiful -- she's a star even if she doesn't know it.

Carol E. said...

I love this photo! The light, colors, enhanced shadows, and the woman makes it perfect. There is LIFE in there, and she is preparing for spring, perhaps. Super.

Susan said...

I love this building the coloured panels on the balconies adds interest, as well as the shadows and the old woman. Great shot.

Kris said...

yup, plenty of them here. Although the more contemporary ones are slowly coming up :)

yes, the shadow was one of the reasons i decided to snap this.

she is , she's the earliest to do so !

Thank you all again!

james said...

I always find that these colored glass plates and concrete balconies look dreadful but your detail would have made the architect smile.

Lessie said...

Good for her! So glad to see her up and about and active. Great pic and commentery.

Mountainboy said...

That is a great shot Kris,
do you have some funky and easy method of putting your 'watermark' on your photos? Care to let me in on it?

Carraol said...

Its a very colourful picture with a touch of humanity. Great shot! Glad you are back.

Kris said...

you're not the only one! Sometimes when reflected by sunlight it look better :)

wish i can be as balcony is untouch since 3 months ago ,time for some clearing :)

I manually paste the watermark, that way I can design it to suit the photo. The software that i'm using is Photofiltre

or try some other free watertermark software, i've downloaded a few freewares but have yet to test it.

Thanks again all! :)

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