Thursday, March 08, 2007

Street scene today 14:14pm

"Hey, in reality everyday is women's day, when is Men's day?" - Mr. B

That was what my better half asked during dinner awhile ago..hahahaha. Whatever it is, its a wonderful day to give extra attention to the women in your life. Okay, I don't deny that men do deserve to be given a day of appreciation as well :) Happy women's day to you!
ps. am late! will read your blog in a bit as the internet is slow as snail !


Mountainboy said...

There isn't really a womans day is there???

Great photo though, love doing the same thing but flowers are an ideal subject for this.

Jing said...

CUTE.Women and colourful flowers, i get your idea.

happy women's day!

shanghai daily photo

Fabrizio ikol22 said...

Thank you about words you used in a comment in my blog. A part that I really love your photos. Each day they help to make my day. I inserted your blog to my favourites

Ame said...


AWESOME perspective...and the color on the flowers is JUST the right touch!'re a PRO!

And Mark, don't you know? EVERY day is "Woman's Day" around the house of Testosterone!!! LOL!


Zyzzyz said...

everyday is woman's day!

ah lovely

Kala said...

nicely written post - I like how you arranged the flowers in this photo - ahhh the talents you have is remarkable!

Kris said...

thanks! i just love to play with effect , right now am into Lomography . No cam so i need to imitate the effect :)

its GREAT!

LOL!!! dont chase away Mark!

trust you had a good time ;)

you're welcome and Thanks!

hahahah, there is when it is me, the dominatrix :p

Thank you all for stopping by :)

Olivier said...

le traitement est superbe, il est d'une douceur. bravo, tu as du t'amuser avec le detourage des fleurs ;o).

the treatment is superb, it is of a softness. cheer, you have of you to amuse with the routing of the flowers ;o).

Kate said...

Of course there has to be a Women's Day, dear Mountain Boy because throughout the world, everyday is Men's Day in so many patriarchal societies. The splash of colour from the flowers is a fitting tribute!!

maiylah said...

hehehe ... yeah, woman's day in the house of testosterone! :D

i see nobody's holding a flower, but lots of girls around that shop! :)

Kris said...

you tell him , kate! :D

they were having a chat over some soft drinks, while some people at the back were buying :)

thanks all for visiting!

Lessie said...

This is such a cool shot! I love the way the women in the picture are turned differently and yet have on jeans. And the coloring you did really adds to it.

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